Pregnancy / Childbirth

Ambulance delivery - why is that a bad idea?

Ambulance delivery - why is that a bad idea?

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Each ambulance is equipped with a delivery set. However, this does not mean that an ambulance should be called to the woman giving birth. Pregnancy and childbirth are considered physiological conditions, while ambulance is called in urgent situations, especially in the event of danger to life. It is important to realize this, because unnecessary calling 999 may take away the possibility of getting help for a person who really needs it. The more that ambulances are not enough ... And it is estimated that 1/3 of calls are unfounded. The scale is therefore huge ... The expectant mother in most cases can go to the hospital on her own, especially the firstborn, whose delivery usually lasts several hours. An ambulance is not needed for delivery.

Why ambulance delivery is not a good choice?

The physiological start of delivery does not require an emergency call. Even if someone would like to treat an ambulance as a taxi, it's good to know about it:

  • that the ambulance will not take us to the hospital we choose, but to the nearest one located in its "area",
  • you never know who drove an ambulance in front of you and whether there will be a smell left behind by a homeless person or under the influence of alcohol,
  • no one but the delivery woman will ride in the ambulance. There is no way that the future mother will be accompanied by dad, mother or friend. This one must go by car or taxi. No other people are taken to the ambulance, an exception can be made when the patient is a small child,
  • there are known cases of death of an adult or a child due to the inability to get help in time, because the ambulance was called unjustly to another patient,
  • for an unjustified call for an ambulance, and such a call is considered an ambulance to give birth without complications, you can get a 1500 PLN fine.

Ambulance for delivery - only in a few cases

An ambulance call to give birth is only recommended in a few situations, for example when you have severe stomach pain or heavy bleeding. In each other it's better to go by car or taxi.