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Newborn and children's session

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Children grow very quickly. You don't need to convince anyone. Every day, especially in the first months of life, is full of unique and unique faces and emotions while hugging and dressing, during which incredibly one looks at small feet and grabs fingers as if in a gesture of love. Many of us try to remember these fleeting moments with a private camera or a professional camera. Newborn and later children's sessions are also the passions of young mothers, which document the first moments of the child in an artistic way. Just like the heroine of our interview Marzena Burchardt.

When is the best time to take photos after the birth of the child? Are there periods when it is simpler?

Marzena Burchardt: If we think about a newborn session, the sooner we plan it, the better. Usually, photos are taken from the 5th to the 14th day of a child's life, because usually during this period the baby sleeps most of the day, is more resistant to external disturbances during sleep and is more "flexible" - which facilitates the baby's placement in various poses. For such a baby there is no specific, best time of day for the session. The situation is different if you are planning a session with babies who sleep much less during the day. It is best to work with such a toddler when he is full and rested. This rule also applies to older tots, which work best together after having a nap ...

Isn't such a stressful session for a baby?

M.B: As I mentioned before, newborns usually sleep all or most of the sessions, so it's not stressful for them at all. Baby sessions are held in a room properly prepared for temperature. They are safely wrapped in delicate fabrics and stacked in baskets or other accessories used during sessions, of course always in parental belaying. First of all, it's the safety and comfort of the baby that counts. On the other hand, babies and older children are usually very interested in what is happening around them. During the photos, the babies get as much time as they need to feed or cuddle.

What if the child is not sleeping? You are waiting for your newborn baby to fall asleep, are the pictures taken at the waking stage?
M. B: If the newborn is not yet sleeping, I use this time for several shots with open eyes. Sometimes, nice pictures with parents during cuddling or feeding will also come out.

And how do parents react? Are they moved? Are they standing next to you, do they also want to photograph with the newborn? My guess is that there is no rule here, but maybe you have noticed some characteristic attitudes?
M.B .: Parents are always moved when they see their Kruszynek lying in cute costumes. They are also often extremely surprised that their baby can be laid in baskets so calmly and "professionally poses". During the first shots, the parents' fears that maybe nothing will come out of the session disappear, because their toddler may not want to cooperate. And when it comes to sharing shots with the baby, 99% of parents are already determined when booking the session. And even if they have not thought about it before, I will always convince it. Common shots of a baby with his loved ones and his loved ones is a priceless sight!

How should I prepare my child for the session?
M.B: A baby needs to be well fed, to be in a good mood. In addition, newborns are best dressed in clothes that can be easily removed without having to wake up. Older children who are not photographed while sleeping should come to sleep, preferably after having their daily naps. Parents should also prepare appropriate clothes for children. Clothes should be above all comfortable and preferably smooth without pictures or inscriptions that would divert attention from the main character, i.e. the child.

How does it look technically? How do you choose the place of taking pictures, gadgets, clothes?

M.B .: Sessions are usually performed in my home studio, but newborn photos can also be taken at the client's home. However, I have countless amounts of all gadgets for sessions, such as baskets, suitcases, chests or cots, which all of them cannot be taken to away sessions. So, depending on the mother's and baby's well-being, as well as the parents' expectations regarding the final result, we determine the place of the session together. In the studio I also have all kinds of children's hats, clothes and other gadgets that can be used during the session. I always ask my parents what their expectations and preferences are. If the parents bring some of their child's favorite clothes, we also use them and combine them with the ones I have.

Do you plan with your parents the course of the session / specific shots? Is everything rather spontaneous?
M.B: The course of the session is always more or less planned so as not to waste valuable time during the session. I prepared some ideas for myself before choosing accessories, clothes and colors, but very often something new comes up spontaneously when taking pictures. Most often, customers rely entirely on me and give me a free hand in preparing the session, but there are also parents who come with specific ideas. Most often, they had seen a picture somewhere before and would like to have photographs on similar subjects, then I compose frames with these requests in mind.

Did you experience any unexpected / funny situation while taking photos?
M.B: Some particularly funny or surprising situation has not met me yet. In contrast, happy situations happen very often during sessions because children, as we know, are unpredictable.

Is a session with, for example, a 2-year-old child easier than with an infant?
M. B. There is no rule for this, because every child is different. Whether cooperation with a given child will be successful and results in good staff depends to a large extent on their well-being on a given day. A session with an infant may seem easier because it cannot escape from the set or say no, but such babies often have colic, or they may simply not feel like dressing up and polite lying on a given day ... Until now I had great happiness, because I don't remember problems during a 2-year-old session. Even today, during the pregnancy session, two-year-old Lenka joined her mother with several photos, who posed with great enthusiasm without the slightest problem. Much more rebellious, however, there were 4 or 5-year-olds with whom sometimes it takes a long time to negotiate to successfully persuade them to cooperate.

Which places do you usually choose to take pictures outdoors?
M.B: I usually go out in the park, sometimes on the edge of the forest. I have a few favorite places near my studio that I like to use.

Where do you get the inspiration to take pictures from?
M.B: I get inspiration from everywhere. Initially, I was modeled on American photographers who have been dealing with neonatal photography for years, but today everything that surrounds me can inspire me. Very often I see an object somewhere and I know that I must have it, because I already have a vision of the next session with its use. Even a scene from a movie or children's fairy tale can result in a new idea. However, the biggest inspiration is my one-year-old daughter, thanks to whom I always have a head full of fresh ideas.

Thank you for the conversation.

Thank you

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