Five of music? Forget it! Parents outraged as required of their children

Five of music? Forget it! Parents outraged as required of their children

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In our time, music was sung, or played "cymbals". Music was one of the favorite subjects, and the music teacher was often a confidant of youthful secrets. Today times are changing. Music in many schools is boring lessons full of theory. And the requirements? According to parents - inadequate for the child's age.

What do you think?

See what every fifth grade elementary school student should be able to get five from music.

Does your child want to have five of music?

These are the requirements for a V-grade student (it is a fear to think what will happen next in the sixth, seventh or eighth grade) in one of Bydgoszcz's schools. To be carried out in one music lesson per week.

The student should assimilate the following requirements for a very good grade. Among the basic skills are:

  • writing and reading the record of the C major scale as well as sounds with a cross and flat within two octaves,
  • playing gam on ringtones,
  • understanding what rhythm is, recognizing the rhythmic values ​​of notes and rests,
  • performance of mandatory songs from memory, keeping the right singing attitude, voice emission, diction and recommended interpretation - interesting, how does the teacher evaluate his own interpretation of a given song - or six or maybe two ?,
  • knows the most important cultural institutions in Poland and its surroundings, can behave at a concert, is an active music lover - is going to an opera or philharmonic not enough? You still have to write a review of your stay and submit your own conclusions?

Requirements for very good music grade

Parents are outraged. Ewelina comments on the matter unequivocally: "I think someone has a headache, if these are the requirements in the 5th grade, then what will happen later", Anna adds: "The massacre, I also remember that in the lessons of music once was sung, played ... and now children they like music lessons. "

And you, dear parents, what do you think about it? Do you meet all of the above requirements for fifth grade students? Would you get a very good grade if you went to school now?

Do your children like music lessons at school?