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Children born in November - what are they like?

Apparently, when planning to conceive a child, you can plan the nature of the offspring. Everything depends on when the delivery is due. So what are the children born in November? This is what this article is about.


Children born in November have a chance of longevity. It is among those born in November that there is the largest percentage of hundred-year-olds.

Lower risk of illness

Some studies indicate that giving birth to a child in November may reduce the risk of developing immune diseases, including multiple sclerosis and many others (Queen Mary, University of London and University of Oxford have come to this). Details on the attached table.

Serial killers

In November, the most is born ... serial killers. Out of 100 cases studied, 11 people - dangerous criminals - were born in November. The average for other months was 9.


Numerous studies indicate that people born in November they are not particularly happy with life. It is among them that there is the largest percentage of people suffering from depression. Research carried out in 2005 showed that it was people born in November who feel the greatest harm in life.