36 weeks of pregnancy

36 weeks of pregnancy

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You are afraid that when the zero hour comes, you will not recognize symptoms of upcoming delivery? Not you first! In practice, however, it is extremely difficult to ignore the signals that the body gives you. Most likely, as soon as you listen to your body, you'll know what to do. Nature thought so beautifully that every woman, even without the birth school and long reading of textbooks for future mothers, copes well during childbirth.

However, if you are in doubt whether you will recognize that IT has already begun, be sure to read.


The average weight of a child is 2550 grams, and the height is 46 cm. Over the past few weeks, the child has grown one centimeter each week. The head circumference is 32 cm and the belly circumference 30 cm. In contrast, the foot length is about 7 cm.

Do you think that a large increase in weight in pregnancy results in the birth of a large child? Check if you're right.

Over the next week to three the lungs ripen. As the last organ. A sufficient amount of the named substance is produced during this time surfactant, allowing the lungs to easily fill with air. Without the right amount of surfactant, your lungs are stiff and your breathing is difficult. It is this substance that is responsible for breathing difficulties in premature babies.
The cycle of sleep and wakefulness is prolonged. At 36 weeks, pregnancy is already around 40 minutes of alternate wakefulness and staying motionless. Child's nails they are long enough to reach the tip of the pads.

If the lungs were not fully developed yet, delivery could take place in any woman this week. The whole child's body - from the circulatory system to the musculoskeletal system is well educated. Similarly: the digestive system is developed, although it has not yet worked.


At 36 weeks of pregnancy the top of the uterus reaches the highest, achieving your maximum point. You can feel it just below the breastbone.

Your well-being may be deteriorating. In the ninth month of pregnancy you have the right to feel tired and sleepyso when it's possible, rest (preferably with legs above the level of the bottom). Take short naps during the day. Also try to be outdoors. If not on a short walk, then at least a few moments on the terrace or on the balcony.

You have a problem with urinary incontinence when sneezing or laughing? This is the most physiological problem that passes after delivery, especially if we care for systematic Kegel muscle exercises.

If it first pregnancy, the head may already be interceding. We talk about insertion when the largest diameter of the head is already in the pelvis and only two-fifths of the baby's head remains in the abdominal cavity. Sometimes mothers feel such a change of relief. Especially because of the reduction of abdominal weight. Unfortunately, this relief is followed by more frequent, more pronounced urge to urinate. All because of the pressure of the baby's head on the bladder.

In case of second and subsequent pregnancy insertion of the head is observed much later. Sometimes, even insertion of the head takes place only during delivery, when the uterus moves the baby down.

You also wonder when you will be born? This is one of the most popular questions at the final pregnancy. Find out when it is worth getting ready for delivery.

What is worth remembering?

If you are expecting more than one child, you can give birth this week. However, if you are waiting for one baby, you will probably notice one of the first symptoms of the upcoming delivery, i.e. lowering belly, a signal that the baby is setting up in the birth canal. You will feel this change through relief of breathing and a farewell to heartburn. Unfortunately, at the same time you have to reckon with frequent visits to the toilet!

You are afraid of delivery? Write down all doubts, talk to your doctor about them at your next visit. Thanks to this you will survive calmer. You can also prepare a delivery plan (read more about whether it is worth it or whether a delivery plan is really needed).

From mom's diary

I am tired and glad that each day brings me closer to the solution. I do not know if you can weigh even more, but I do not want to convince. My body has already accumulated so much fluid that I have a problem with quite a lot of swelling. Sometimes, I feel tingling in my fingers and even dizziness. The lack of air is actually a standard.

Around the ligaments, which hurt a few weeks ago when they stretched, now I feel stab-like pain. Apparently it's normal. And who will confirm to me without doubt that pregnancy is not a disease?

With Husband, inspired by the birth school, we talk a lot about childbirth. However, we have a vague idea about it. We wonder how the Husband will be able to help, what is really worth taking with you, which you must not forget. By the way, I carefully review the contents of my bag to the hospital. Everything seems to be there and I don't have to worry.

On the next visit, the gynecologist confirmed previous assumptions that I will definitely not give birth in the next two weeks. I will have to wait a little longer for my longed-for baby. The longer the pregnancy lasts, the more often questions arise as to whether I gave birth. I always want to answer, no, you know, the beauty in two days. Then, when the Husband will have to stay longer at work to make it happier. Oh, I planned it myself ...

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