A child of three parents?

A child of three parents?

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Scientists are happy. For the first time, two ova from two women were successfully combined with a sperm, successfully dividing them and preparing them for in vitro implantation. This is an important step on the path to preventing future genetic defects. However, whether moral and acceptable for so-called ethical reasons? In this way, in the future it will be possible to repair defective genetic material. Scientists were able to obtain the effect of "selecting" from the genetic material from two eggs the best and combining it in one cell. This method allows you to get rid of defective genes from the mother's cell and provide them with information from the second mother.

This technique was tested on four monkeys that are healthy and gave birth to healthy offspring themselves.

The decision to use this method for women who agreed to collect cells unexpectedly succeeded. On the other hand, the reason for joy is moderate. Only half of the fertilized cells managed to develop into healthy embryos. The remaining part was developing incorrectly, mainly due to poor distribution of genetic material.

The method is currently in the experimental phase. Mainly because the implantation of altered embryos is illegal in both the US and Great Britain. Despite this, an open discussion began on whether it is worth changing the law. If the new method wins the approval of society and scientists, it will be considered by the authorities dealing with opinions on this type of treatment.