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Parental leave 2018. Check the most important changes!

Parental leave 2018. Check the most important changes!

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Parental leave is granted for the purpose of exercising personal childcare, in the case when parents want to spend more time with him and personally take care of his upbringing and development. Both the child's mother, his father and legal guardian can apply for parental leave 2018. Recently, there have been very significant changes regarding parental leave. Has been extended, among others the time when we can take a vacation and the option of taking joint parental leave for both parents.

Parental leave 2018 - to be used before the child turns 6 years old

Parental leave is granted on time until the end of the calendar year in which the child turns 6 years oldand. However, the length of parental leave alone may not exceed three years (36 months). However, it is worth knowing that parental leave can be shared, and we have time to fully use it until the child is 6 years old. When dividing parental leave into parts, it should be borne in mind that we can make the most of it in five tranches.

Parents of children having certificate of disability However, they can count on extending standard parental leave for an additional three years. This time should be however used until the child reaches 18 years of age. To apply for additional parental leave, you must have a medical certificate stating your child's disability, which must be attached to the application.

Sharing parental leave

A very important issue that we should remember when deciding to apply for parental leave in 2018 is also obligation to share holiday duration. It is not possible to use the full 36 months of parental leave by only one parent.

According to the act, the child is required to spend at least one month with the other parent (or guardian) of the 36 parents of both parents. This means that if the mother takes parental leave, the child should remain under her protection for a maximum period of 35 months. Instead, she must spend the remaining month under the care of her father or other legal guardian.

The only exception to this rule is sole parental care. This is the case when the other parent:

  • dead;
  • is deprived of parental authority;
  • has limited or suspended parental responsibility.

Only in such a situation can one parent use the full 36 months of parental leave.

Joint parental leave 2018 - mom and dad together!

An important change that has been introduced recently is also the possibility of joint childcare by both parents as part of one parental leave. However, we should remember that if we decide on joint parental leave 2018, its duration will be shortened to maximum 18 months. So it will last half as much as when only one parent will use it.

Parental leave 2018 - when to apply?

Application for the right to take parental leave should be submitted no later than 21 days before the planned date of its commencement. If you change your plans or other circumstances, we also have the option to opt out of parental leave. To this end, however, we must submit the letter in writing at least 7 days before the requested date of commencement of vacation.