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Lime for children - for allergies and during infection?

Lime for children - for allergies and during infection?

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Lime for children (Calcium, and really calcium) is a product often used, available in various forms - effervescent tablets, classic, syrup, droplets. Recommended for many irregularities and symptoms of diseases - upper respiratory tract infections, colds, flu. Calcium supplementation is recommended during the period of dynamic growth of children as well as after bone fractures. Lime for children is also served to allergy sufferers - as a preventive measure during difficult times for allergic persons and on the days of exacerbation of the disease, as well as during the use of a non-dairy diet.

Calcium for children - what for?

Lime for children is most often calcium lactogluconate, i.e. a form of calcium.

What is calcium then? It is simply a chemical element necessary to maintain the body's water and electrolyte balance - is an important bone component, determines muscle contractility and proper nerve conduction. Calcium also works anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory - that's why it works during infection or the appearance of allergic changes.

Lime for children - reduces allergy symptoms

Regardless of whether your child suffers from a runny nose, watery eyes, an allergic cough or various types of rashes - lime is often a simple and very effective drug that helps in the treatment of allergy symptoms.

What lime for children?

There are preparations on the market that can be used in children over 2 years of age and 4 years (in younger children lime can also be used, but closer medical supervision is necessary).

It is worth carefully analyzing labels, where we will find all the necessary information about the dosage and purpose of the product. Hypoallergenic preparations are often made available from quercetin and zinc - thanks to these ingredients, allergic reactions can be less severe. If you use lime during a cold, you should reach for a product enriched with vitamin C or, for example, raspberry extract.

Lime for children is available in different flavors - most often it is readily accepted by children. Manufacturers also care to encourage children to consume the product, making its packaging more attractive.

When supplementing with lime, it is worth remembering vitamin D - which, according to today's recommendations, should be taken not only by babies, but also older children. This is extremely important because vitamin D deficiencies are very common today.