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"Mom, why did you let me fatten me?" LETTER

"Mom, why did you let me fatten me?" LETTER

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"I am 15 years old and 81 kilos live weight. It gets worse every year. And I'm angry because it's hard for me to eat less .... I didn't understand it before, but now I want to howl from powerlessness. I feel cheated by my own mother and grandmother ... I would like to ask my mother why she fattened me so much? Why was she overfeeding me? Has she really not seen all these years what she is doing with me? Why did she allow this?

Since I can remember, there has been a strange food hysteria at home. You had to always eat everything that was on your plate, so that the weather was good, that it would not be wasted, that I would not fall into anemia, because a healthy child must look good. Since I can remember I have always been big, bigger than my peers. At home, it was always greasy, and it was a drama at grandma's. Food was not just food, it was some sick holiness ...

For dinner, pork chops, fries, bigos with sausage, after a few minutes cake with whipped cream. Every day the soup is whitened with a liter of cream. Oily. Potato dumplings, baked beans. Salad? Zero instead of pickled cucumber. As I asked in time, why do not we eat lettuce, like at home with friends, I got the answer, "what am I a rabbit?"

I was not aware of how we eat them, until I began to analyze and compare ... It started with what I looked like. I am ashamed of my body, I am also ashamed of eating all the time. I can't do otherwise. But it is not surprising, since since I can remember it has been at our house. We ate all the time, sweet, greasy, a lot, the more abundant, the better.

Recently we looked at photos ... On one of them I was 4 years old and I had a blurred face with a cake from cousin's communion. Already then I looked like a dummy, the dress looked terrible, under it folds on the stomach, the second chin. Even then I was the biggest girl in the kindergarten group. After coming home, I supposedly had a lot of appetite, I ate, because in the kindergarten you know they do not feed well ... My mother recalls with a smile and I want to scream.

Should a loving mother really let her child do this? Shouldn't she protect her child from threats? Are fatty foods and excessive calories just such a threat? It's easy to give your child a sausage and sweet yogurt ... and have peace. It's easy to go easy. What does it lead to, however? " Patricia

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