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How do you know that your child really loves you?

How do you know that your child really loves you?

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Your child welcomes you after a few hours of screaming, crying and kicking what will happen? Instead of just coming and giving you a kiss? Is he an angel in kindergarten and shows his true face at home? Sometimes in times of powerlessness you think that it is your fault, that your child wants to show you in this way what he really thinks about you? Or maybe just prove something?

Relax, it's not like that ... A child who loves and feels safe sometimes shows this in a strange way.

She cries when she sees you

You come home after work, and there as if a lightning shot in it. The guardian spreads her hands with surprise, says that the daughter or son are real angels, that for several hours of your absence they were to the wound, meanwhile you can see something else from the threshold.

You receive a few-year-old from your grandparents and your parents report to you in amazement when they see an amazing change. In a few moments, the cheerful and joyful child turned into a crying, irritable. Just at the moment when they saw you ... Why?

Psychologists have no doubt - a child who sees a parent after a long time is like an adult who returns home after work and can finally feel safe. It behaves like you, when you drop high heels, tight skirt, jump into tracksuits and get rid of frustration accumulated during the day. A child functions similarly, he can stick bravely for many hours, facing all challenges, but when he sees mom and dad, he ... begins to be himself. It lets go and gets rid of excess emotions. And he does it in a way typical of his age.

Read why a child is unbearable when he is with me.

I feel at ease with you

Who knows the child better than his parent?

It is mom and dad who have the chance to experience every face of their daughter or son. This charming, kind, delightful, but also difficult, capricious, demanding angelic patience.

A child who loves a parent and feels safe in his company will be relaxed, he will simply be himself. Outside the home, under the care of other adults, he may be withdrawn, shy, more fearful, next to mom and dad, not necessarily. After all, dad can be kicked, mother can be scratched, sometimes bitten, because it is known that it will not change anything ... Parent will love anyway ... Over time, when a child learns that this is a poor way of his own frustrations, he will find other methods of expressing emotions.

Shouts that he hates you

There is no doubt that every mom and dad (if normal) love their child. Like every child, he loves his parent. Sometimes, however, we have doubts ...

There are times when duties are overwhelming, the day is too tiring, and the child cries out that he hates. Then it is natural to feel disappointed and questions quietly asked from helplessness: does my child really love me?

The truth, however, is that every mother and father will hear from their child at least once in their lives that they are unloved, hopeless, that they have missed their calling. Do you care about it? Probably not. Prepare for what will happen when a delightful five-year-old enters puberty ... It will just be even harder.

He speaks over and over again

Every parent knows the feeling of a "square head". This is the state when, after two hours, you start to swell from the inside with an excess of words, questions, doubts. When your child's thoughts are flowing in your head about why the dog is barking, how many leaves are on the tree, how angels pee and whether the rainbow really has to be so colorful. The baby next to the babble? Do you have a problem reading a book in peace? I mean, everything is fine.

He shares food with you

He may not give the best wafer, but for example a bun with cheese because he does not like it at all. He'll give you a sandwich lettuce and pepper salad ...

A child who really loves you will give you a bowl of soup without objection. However, when he asks you to hold the ice cream because he has to get something out of his backpack, don't you dare taste it because it's his.

He will lend you a beloved toy

You have a bad day? Your toddler may notice this and bring you a beloved teddy bear, give away your favorite blocks, and then invite you to play. It is a recipe for all sorrows, and playing with a parent is always the coolest ...

You get presents

You could open a gift shop since you were a child. The assortment would be very attractive - dried leaves, broken shells, small sticks, stickers that no longer stick, pieces of ribbons, laurels for all possible occasions and without occasion, these drawings are hurried and inaccurate and refined in every detail. All are treasures. At a premium.

You are near

When he shows you a picture, wanting to show off, it's so that you can't see anything, putting the card straight under your nose. Your child already knows that in a few years you will have vision problems.

When he hugs, he happily, not paying attention to the smudged face and the fact that he is cleaning it for your white blouse.

There is no problem to look under your blouse at a family dinner to show everyone your underwear. The reason can be trivial - searching for a chain or checking if you also have a mole on your stomach.

When you go to the toilet, he walks with you, because it is the most pleasant and natural part of the day. I want to be close to you. And know everything so that nothing interesting will miss them.