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How to prepare for the emperor? Step by step

How to prepare for the emperor? Step by step

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How to prepare for the emperor? Once you know when the solution will occur, don't stress. Sit down and read the article that will tell you what to do to be ready for this great day when your baby is born.

When will i give birth

Mother nature knows what she is doing without warning pregnant women when the solution will occur. And although there are some signs of an upcoming delivery, the very day the baby is born usually a surprise.

Thanks to this, on the one hand, you can avoid some stress. On the other hand, you quickly mobilize yourself to action, observing the body's responses when the time comes.

However, the day of delivery is not always a secret. When a planned emperor is involved, information about when a child is born is usually known a few weeks before the solution.

The date of delivery when you have a planned emperor ...

If your pregnancy doctor thinks that you need a cesarean section for medical reasons, will write a referral for the procedure. With referral please go to the hospital in which you want your child to be born. During the conversation with your doctor you will know when the procedure will be performed. You will also be informed when you should report to the ward. You are usually asked to arrive the day before the scheduled surgery.

The cut date is usually set a few days before the planned delivery date. This is done to make the cut before the labor begins spontaneously.

How to prepare for the emperor?

Once you know that pregnancy will end through the planned cut, read the instructions below. You will learn from it how to prepare for the emperor.

  1. Perform all requested tests - e.g. electrolyte level, blood clotting, general blood test, blood group test (if you have not yet done the test), ultrasound, CTG, etc.
  2. Wash the nail polish off. The natural color of the plate facilitates the work of the anesthetist, who assesses whether the procedure is going properly.
  3. The day before going to hospital stay on an easily digestible diet, avoid fried, greasy dishes and bloating dishes.
  4. Shave intimate areas or wait for midwives to do just before the procedure - ask about this in the hospital. Depending on the institution, there are different indications. In some hospitals, it is recommended not to shave intimate areas so that this procedure can be performed just before the emperor, which is to minimize the risk of infection. In other hospitals, hair removal at home is recommended.
  5. Take off rings, earrings and chain. It's best to leave them at home.
  6. Report to the department within the set deadline. Sometimes the deadline to report to the hospital is set the day before the emperor, at other times the same morning. At least six hours before surgery, you must not eat or drink anything. If you have surgery on the same day you need to come to the ward.
  7. take with you ID card, hospital referral, pregnancy card.
  8. Remember about the delivery bag, which should look the same as the one you took for delivery by nature. Pay attention to panties, which should have a high or very low condition so that they do not irritate the scars after the procedure. Also take a bottle with a spout that will make it easier to drink lying down.
  9. Get ready for that surgery you'll have to be fasting. If you come to the hospital the day before, you won't get dinner.
  10. Before surgery, talk to your doctor about the presence of a partner during delivery. Increasingly, mothers obtain permission to be accompanied by a loved one. Unfortunately, this is still not possible in most hospitals.
  11. Before the procedure you will talk to an anesthesiologist, who will ask you about illnesses, treatments, possible allergies to medicines.
  12. The hospital will set you up the catheter and you will receive a drip.
  13. Immediately before the procedure, an anesthetic preparation will be introduced into the spine. Anesthesia administered at the planned emperor will allow you to remain fully aware during the procedure.
  14. Caesarean section usually lasts about an hour. Just cutting the skin, abdominal wall and uterus is a matter of several minutes.

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