When do the first tears appear in the child?

When do the first tears appear in the child?

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The newborn baby doesn't cry with tears. He screams and his eyes remain dry. When does the moment come that the first tears appear in the child? See how long you have to wait for this moment.

When did the first tears in the child?

Crying is an important method of communication for an infant with the environment. A small child does not yet know other ways to inform about his needs, so he cries and in the first weeks of his life he screams, calling for loved ones. In this way, he informs that he is hungry, that he is cold, too hot, or simply needs company, the touch of a loved one.

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The first tears in a child appear at the end of the first month of the child's life. It is then that tears begin to be mass produced in the tear glands and the tear ducts begin to function properly.

In fact, in the first weeks of life, you can compare a crying baby to a scream. It will take some time for the crying to sound characteristic of itself.

The tear ducts in an infant are very narrow, they are obstructed immediately after delivery. Usually they unlock themselves up to the age of one. This moment may occur earlier, at the age of 6 months. However, if the tubules do not clear up to 12 months of age, you should visit a specialist who will most likely decide about surgical unblocking. Tear ducts can also be blocked, for example, due to infection.

Watery eyes in an infant - what can it mean?

Some parents observe in newborns watery eyes A large amount of discharge accumulates on the eyeball, sometimes when the child is asleep, pus-like liquid comes out. There may be so many of them that eyelashes stick together and the toddler has trouble opening their eyes. It's a symptom blocked tear ducts.

The newborn is born with obstructed tear ducts, which are a physiological symptom. The opening process takes place up to 6-12 months of age.

In lighter cases, clogged tear ducts and excessive secretions can be managed by gentle tear sac massage. For this purpose, it is recommended to press the inner corner of the eye towards the nose with a finger tip.

In addition, it is very important to systematically flush eyes with a cotton pad soaked in saline. Because of the risk of allergies and irritation, doctors do not recommend using herbal infusions to stay around the eyes.

If the symptoms resulting from the blocked tear duct do not improve, the child has a fever, is tearful and irritable, it is necessary to visit a doctor.