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When to send a child to summer camps? Advantages of holiday colonies and possible problems

When to send a child to summer camps? Advantages of holiday colonies and possible problems

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Summer camps for children is one of the offers of holiday rest. Available for children from the age of seven. Assumes being on vacation, in a place chosen by parents, for 5 days to two / three weeks. It lets you choose among the rich thematic offer. You can send the child to artistic, sports, sailing, with the option of learning foreign languages, and many more. What are the advantages of summer camps? Is it worth to decide on them? What about the fear of parting? And finally when to send a child to summer camps?

Colonies for children - yes or no?

The holidays last two months. Rarely can a parent afford such a long vacation. Therefore, in addition to family recreation at home or in a selected holiday resort during the holidays, parents are looking for a way to provide holiday attractions for their children when mom and dad return to work.

There are many options - stay with my grandmother, trip to my aunt to the countryside, camp in the city and finally children's camps, i.e. a trip outside the place of residence and staying day and night under the care of teaching staff. The child leaves the camp on its own, without parents. This is a completely different form of rest than that proposed on family vacations or even at your beloved grandmother.

A camp trip can have many advantages:

  • help the child learn to be independent,
  • build a child's sense of worth,
  • teach the child how to function outside the home,
  • the child can make new friendships,
  • experience the charms of colonial life,
  • visit new places,
  • learn new ways of fun,
  • learn new things.

If a child is ready for a summer camp trip, he usually returns well-rested, encouraged and very happy from his vacation. As far as the organizer stood up to the task, the colonies are remembered long after their completion, and in many cases even in adulthood.

What problems can arise?

If the child is not interested in the colonies or has a different idea about them, they may have trouble finding their place in the new reality.

Most often the problem becomes fear of leaving my mother and dad away from home (it is worth considering the possibility of sending a child to a summer camp with siblings or friends), fear of being accepted by peers. The problem can be trivial, from the adult point of view, quarrels with peers, omission in some fun by the educator, the need to wait for their turn, or tasteless food, uncomfortable bed, too imaginative, which suggests scenarios that terrify a few years. A child may protest even before having to get up at a specific time, clean the room, or other points of colonial life.

Some problems at the summer camps can be anticipated and prevented by talking to the child, telling what the day at the summer camps looks like, remembering how we went to the summer camps ourselves.

When to send a child to summer camps?

The success of a trip to the camps largely depends on whether we send the child on vacation at the right time, in other words, whether it is ready for such a trip.

How to check?

The easiest way is simply observe the child and his reactions, whether the prospect of departure makes him enthusiastic, or asks what it is like to be in camps, does he understand that in summer camps he may miss his parents and how to deal with it - that you can call, draw a drawing for mom, dad, etc.

Or maybe the vision of leaving is scary for a child, clearly afraid of holidays without parents?

The moment when a child is ready to leave without parents has little to do with age, but with the individual pace of psychosocial development. For one seven year old, summer camps will be a great way to spend free time, while another child will be ready to go to summer camps only at the age of 12.

How to prepare a child for summer camps?