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What about a pregnant headache? Discover natural methods!

Headache is one of the most common unpleasant complaints felt during pregnancy. Usually appears in the first and third trimesters, in the middle of pregnancy most women can rest from it. How to cope when painkillers are not indicated? What about a pregnant headache?

Why does a headache appear in pregnancy?

Headache may be one of the first signs of pregnancy. It follows violent hormonal changes and an increase in the amount of blood. The problem may get worse stress, lack of sleep, low blood sugar, dehydration and the deterioration of vision experienced by many future mothers.

Headaches in pregnancy can be the result limit the amount of caffeine consumed. Women who find out about their different condition, stop taking coffee, which can result in a characteristic headache. Fortunately, it usually lasts a maximum of 2-3 days.

You can win the lottery ticket and migraines appearing before pregnancy will disappear within nine months. However, sometimes it happens that hormonal changes do not silence migraine headaches and the typical symptoms also appear during pregnancy. Then you should see a doctor to talk to a specialist about safe treatment methods for pregnancy.

During the third trimester of pregnancyy causes of headache are usually slightly different than in the first weeks of pregnancy. Most often, the reason for discomfort is incorrect posture, resulting from increased abdominal girth. Tension around the neck and shoulders can lead to muscle spasms that irritate the nerves in the back of the head. The effect is throbbing pain.

Sometimes the reason is more prosaic - sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Experts recommend to pay attention also to the bed and mattress, which should not be too hard or too soft, and a pillow. Headache is often caused by back pain during pregnancy, which is not difficult.

The cause of recurrent headache is also preeclampsia, which results from too high blood pressure.

A pregnant head may also hurt "From the bays" (then the characteristic discomfort is located around the forehead, the base of the nose). The reason is sometimes allergy or infection that causes inflammation.

What about a pregnant headache?

The best way to protect you from a pregnant headache is to avoid the factors that can cause it. The most important thing is:

  • frequent rest
  • avoiding stress
  • walking in the fresh air,
  • taking care of a balanced diet,
  • the right amount of sleep - not too much or too little,
  • taking care of the correct posture,
  • frequent pice to avoid dehydration (the best is water. Strong teas or juices - they can promote the loss of water from the body).

But what if the pain has already appeared?

  • rest with a compress on the head, side of the neck, around the eyes can be helpful,
  • if you need, cover the windows and mute the sounds,
  • eat a light meal, maybe the cause of a headache is a drop in blood sugar,
  • ask a loved one for a neck massage, which often relieves headaches,
  • take a warm shower or bath,
  • drink chamomile tea, which can relieve headache,
  • eat a few pumpkin, nut or banana seeds to make up for magnesium deficiency (often responsible for headache),
  • as a last resort, when other methods do not help, you can swallow the paracetamol tablet.

When to see a doctor

Seek medical attention immediately if headache is severe, accompanied by nausea or deterioration of vision, you notice swelling of the face or hands. An alarming situation is also high blood pressure or fever above 38 degrees.