Is your child stubborn and "difficult"? Has a better chance of success

Is your child stubborn and "difficult"? Has a better chance of success

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Psychologists come with interesting conclusions that they have drawn from many years of research. They are more like this: if your child can be difficult, loudly manifests dissatisfaction, throws himself to the ground, is stubborn, then ... reason for joy (!). Your daughter or your son has a better chance for a stunning career and really good earnings in the future.

The research results were published in "Developmental Psychology". They were collected after 40 years of tracking the education and career of people living in Luxembourg. The study was started on children aged 12 years and their fates were followed until they reached an average of 52 years.

The socio-economic status and emotional intelligence of each respondent were taken into account. Researchers found that these students who loudly opposed their parents were able to stand up their own, studied longer, educated more eagerly and achieved greater success in their professional life. It turned out that the rebellious nature and persistence translated into "consequence of action" and perseverance in achieving long-term goals.

Similar conclusions were reached by scientists from Pennsylvania who noted that if children in their early childhood are unyielding and rebel boldly as teenagers, they are better off in their professional life in the future. Why? They are more competitive in the classroom, relentless at work during negotiations, they are known for not being content with just anything and fighting for more, because they believe that they deserve "more". Researchers also do not rule out unethical games that can be reached by adults known for their stubbornness. Perhaps it is they that allow them to achieve spectacular successes.

Proposal? Do not wring your hands when a few years old have a tantrum, but ... enjoy. Look differently at the child when he breaks the rules and ignores his parents. Persistence will pay off in the future. :)

It is worth adding that an important factor influencing the future of a child is also ... the intelligence of his parents.