Promotions for children's items

Promotions for children's items

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Most parents, before purchasing products necessary for their children, compare prices, take advantage of promotions, collect points by taking part in loyalty programs. For those who do not have time to browse through the store newspapers and circulate between shelves of supermarkets in search of opportunities, we launch a series of publications: once a week we will prepare a mini-track for you!


  • Newborn Pampers - from January 31 in Rossmann for 22.99 PLN for 43 pieces (old price 25.99)
  • Pampers Active Baby - until February 5 in E.Leclerc for 48.19. If you decide on a larger number of these necessary items, then the investment in the so-called Jumbo package will amount to only PLN 50.99. It is worth noting that, apart from the promotion, it costs PLN 7 more.
  • Pampers Premium Midibox - Tesco until February 15 reduced diapers from PLN 95 to PLN 79.99 for 120 items.
  • Huggies diapers - in Super-Pharm packaging (all sizes) Premium Mega costs PLN 36.99. It is worth adding that before the reduction the price was up to PLN 49. In Biedronka we will pay almost PLN 40 for an identical package. However, the most advantageous offer of these diapers tempts Real. There, until February 15, when buying these products, we'll get Huggies Pure wet wipes for free, and we'll pay only PLN 35.99 for the whole set.
  • Bella Happy foundations - at Super-Pharm for 10 pcs. Bella Happy you will pay instead of 19.99 PLN only 15.99 PLN.
  • Huggies wipes - in Real for a six-pack, which includes as many as 384 handkerchiefs at the checkout, the reader will indicate only PLN 20 and PLN 95. We will pay PLN 17.99 for 4 pieces of the same product at Tesco.
  • Nivea wipes - a promotion is waiting for you in Rossmann - two packages of the Nivea Baby Pure & Fresh series (2x64 items) have been discounted from PLN 13.99 to PLN 11.99. But in Carrefour for 3 packs of 64 pcs. you will pay PLN 19.49 and you will receive a fourth item as a gift.
  • Hipp care products - at Super-Pharm, you'll pay 30% off for the entire Hipp childcare series. This privilege is only available to Lifestyle card holders, which is available to every drugstore customer.
  • Johnson's Baby bath lotions - Rossmann reduced all Johnson's Baby bath lotions from PLN 18.99 to PLN 13.99. Do you admit that this is a real opportunity to be able to test a few of them at such a favorable price? You can read about this brand's fluids in our independent statement.


  • Gerber modified milk - the best offer of modified Gerber milk is available in the Rossmann network. There, we will pay PLN 10.99 for 350g packaging.
  • Hipp Bio Combiotic 2.3 milk (350g) - Super-Pharm has been discounted from 19.99 PLN to 15.99 PLN.
  • Gerbera DoReMi dishes and soups - at Tesco, where you can get three for the price of PLN 10.30 for the price of two.
  • Gerber dinners and lenses - in Rossmann for 130g jar of Gerber dinners the cost will be 2.99 PLN / pcs, but in Super-Pharm when buying 2 pieces you get the third jar for free and on the receipt you will see the amount of 7.38 PLN. In the same drugstore you will save PLN 1 on the promotional price of 300ml Gerber lenses, paying 3.19 PLN for a bottle.
  • nectars and juices Bobo Frut - in Real for 2.59 PLN for 300ml. However, if we immediately decide on a larger amount, I recommend going to E.Leclerc, where for three pieces of the mentioned products we get the fourth one for free and in total the purchase will amount to only PLN 8.59.
  • Bobovita porridges and flakes - BoboVita rice porridge gourmet will like the price of 5.49 PLN / 180g, which Schlecker will offer its customers until February 11. However, at Tesco, we'll spend just 7.49 PLN for two pieces of the same porridges. At the same supermarket, instead of 6.99 PLN, we pay only 5.79 PLN for a pack of BoboVita breakfast cereals.


  • tights - In Lidl from February 6 it will be possible to buy children's tights Lupil, whose advantage is the comfortable wide welt and the lack of oppressive threads. Tights will be available in 6 different designs in sizes 86-116 for PLN 7.99 / item. In Biedronka from 30 January you can buy tights with the motif of Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Minnie, Cars and Bob the Builder from size 68 to 129 for PLN 8.99.
  • baby underwear - If you would like to enlarge your children's wardrobe, I recommend Real, where for TIP baby underwear size 55-86cm you will pay PLN 7.99 / item. Super Baby, Kubuś or Dumbo baby body in sizes 56-86 will amount to 9.99 PLN / item. And the cost of clowns that will be perfect for babies from 3 to 24 months will be 8.99 PLN / pcs. In Carrefour you will pay 7.99 PLN for an unbranded body. And you will get a charming girlish jeans dress from TEX size 62-104 for PLN 26.99.
  • baby towels - In Biedronka in the current assortment there are children's towels with a license decorated with the characters of favorite cartoons with a choice of size (one 50x90cm or a set of 3 pieces 30x50cm) for PLN 14.99.

Ranking - promotional MUST HAVE

  1. Pampers diapers: E.Leclerc from 31.01 to 05.02 - Active Baby Jumbo Pack for PLN 50.99
  2. Wet wipes: Real from 02/02 to 15/02 - Huggies Pure 6x64 pcs. for 20.95 PLN, Carrefour from 01/02 to 13/02 - Nivea Pure & Fresh 3x64 pcs. + 1 free PLN 19.49
  3. Bath lotions: Rossmann from 31.01- Johnson's Baby 500ml full offer 13.99 PLN / pcs.
  4. Modified milk: Rossmann from 31.01- Gerber 350g. 10.99zł
  5. Dinners, dishes: Super-Pharm from 2.02 to 15.02-130g 2 + 1 for 7.38 PLN, Tesco from 02.02 to 15.02- DoReMi Gerber 3 for 2, 3 x 250g 10.38 PLN
  6. Juices, nectars: E.Leclerc from 31/01 to 05/02 - Nektar Bobo Frut 4 at the price of 3 for PLN 8.59
  7. Underwear: Lidl from 06/02 to 12/02 - Pantyhose 7.99 PLN / pcs., Carrefour from 01.02 to 13.02- Body with long sleeves various types 7.99 PLN / pcs.
  8. Toys: E.Leclerc from 31.01 to 05.02 - Matel music walker 99 PLN.