The lowest prices for products for children

The lowest prices for products for children

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The cost of buying basic baby products can be high. There is nothing to be charmed that it is different. That is why it is worth looking for promotional offers for diapers, wet wipes, as well as food products and toys. There is a lot to choose from.

Hygienic products

  • Huggies Midi diapers 128 pieces at a price of 59.99 instead of 84.99 at Tesco. In Super-Pharm, Huggies diapers are priced at 32.99.
  • Active Baby Pampers at 39.99 instead of 54.39. Pampers Active Mega Box diapers in Real for 109.95. Pampers Active Baby diapers in the Natura Cosmetics different types for the price of 39.99. Pampers Premium Care 39.99 diapers at the Drogeria Natura store for free. Pampers Active Baby diapers in Kaufland for 38.99. In Carrefour, on the other hand, Pampers Value Pack Plus diapers for 39.99.
  • Pampers Premium Care diapers at Super-Pharm for 45.99.
  • Pampers Sleep & Play nappies at PLN 24.99 net of VAT.
  • Hipp products at -20% at Tesco.
  • Johnson & Jonson cosmetics -20% cheaper at Tesco.
  • Wet baby wipes Pampers for 25.99 for 6 packages in Real. At Drogeria Natura, Pampers Duo wipes for 10.99 instead of 14.99.
  • Cleanic Kindii wet wipes at Drogeria Natura at 11.99 instead of 13.99.
  • Huggies wet wipes for PLN 23.95 for 6 packs in Kaufland.
  • Nivea baby wet wipes in Carrefour for 22.79.
  • Bambino selected products for children in Super-Pharm -20%.
  • Johnson breast pads at Super-Pharm at 14.99 instead of 18.99.
  • Lovela washing powders at Super-Pharm at a price of 19.49 instead of 25.99.


  • Bebiko milk in Tesco for two pieces 24 zlotys. The same milk in Real for 12.45.
  • Nestle Junior baby milk in Kaufland for 25.99.
  • Hipp 2,3,4,5 milk at Super-Pharm for 34.99 instead of 42.99.
  • Bobovita groats 2 packages plus one for free for 14.69 in Tesco. By buying three pieces of porridge Bobovita in Real we will pay for one package 3.99. In Carrefour, on the other hand, Bobovita porridge for 6.99.
  • Gerber desserts 4 pieces for the price of 3 pieces - 8.85 zlotys at Tesco. At Super-Pharm we will pay 2.69 instead of 3.49 for one piece.
  • Dessert for children Hipp in Tesco for 3 pieces for 6.49 in Real.
  • Juice Bobo Frut 4 pieces for 3 at a price of 10.47 PLN
  • Nestle Sinlac in Real for 18.99.
  • Real Hipp children's dish for 4.79 Whereas at Super-Pharm at 4.99.
  • Gerber children's dishes at Carrefour at the price of 5.69.
  • Hipp teas at Super-Pharm for 10.99 instead of 14.99.

Toys and accessories

  • Tesco's bilingual pupil of Fisher Price pupils at 89.99 instead of 179.99.
  • Barbie Pop Star at 97.90 instead of 149.99 at Tesco.
  • Polly water doll for 37.99 instead of 69.99.
  • Remote-controlled car with high suspension at Net price for 59.99.
  • Plastic sleds in Carreofour for 19.99.
  • Pacifiers I have in Super-Pharm -30% cheaper.

The duration of the promotion

Tesco 13/12 - 24/12/2012
Real 13.12 - 19.12.2012
Kaufland 13/19/12/2012
Carrefour 12/12/12/2012
Auchan 12/24/12/2012
Super-pharm from 13/12/2012 to 02/01/2013