Promotions for children's items

Promotions for children's items

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What have large retail chains prepared for us this time? Read!


  • Active Baby Economy diapers various types in the E.Leclerc store network cost PLN 46.99. At Super-Pharm for the Active Boy or Girl series (all sizes) we will pay PLN 48.99 (old price PLN 51.99). In Carrefour, on the other hand, the packaging of all Active Baby diapers up to 13.02 costs PLN 43.95. Much cheaper, because only PLN 37.99 we will pay for them at the Polo Market. And in Auchan on Jumbo Pack (various sizes) we will spend PLN 44.89.
  • Pampers Sleep & Play Jumbo Pack diapers- in Net until 12.02 if we decide to buy two packages at one time (sizes Midi, Maxi, Junior) we will spend only PLN 69 at the checkout.
  • Huggies diapers until February 15 at Tesco for a Premium Giga midi carton with 128 items we will pay PLN 59.99.
  • Pampers Baby Fresh wipes- at Tesco, three packages plus a fourth one for free have been discounted from PLN 25.99 to 19.99. In total, for this price we will receive 256 pieces of handkerchiefs.
  • Bambino wipes- we will pay PLN 8.99 for two packages with 126 items. The offer applies to Tesco hypermarkets.
  • Toothpastes- for 50ml Vademecum paste for the youngest at Super-Pharm we will pay PLN 4.99. Toothpaste for children 0-6 years old Aquafresh Kids 50ml at Tesco is also an expense of 4.99 PLN (old price 5.99 PLN). For the same toothpaste in Real we will pay for 1 PLN cheaper.


  • BoboVita dinners and desserts- a real treat for little gourmands has been prepared by Tesco stores, there when you buy two 125g or 250g jars, the second will be half price. So for fruit snacks we will pay 3.74 PLN, for small dinners 4.49 PLN and big will amount to 9.29 PLN. In Carrefour we will pay PLN 2.59 for a small dessert. A large expenditure is PLN 3 and PLN 79. However, both proposals knocked out Bomi stores. There, for 4 pcs 190g dishes we will pay 14.08 PLN, which is 3.52 PLN per piece.
  • Hipp dishes and desserts- for two pieces of Bio lunch (2x 220g) at Tesco we will pay PLN 9.69 (old price PLN 13.19). A single lunch for a junior costs 5.69 PLN (previously 7.59 PLN). Desserts 125g before the promotion cost 3.49 PLN / item, now 2.79 PLN. On the other hand, for 160g dessert in Carrefour we will pay 4.29 PLN, and for 250g lunch 5.79 PLN. It is better to go to Bomi, where 190g dessert will amount to PLN 3.79.
  • Nectars and juices Bobo Frut- for a pack of 4x300ml juices or nectars in Auchan we will pay 8.89 PLN. For comparison, the price of a bottle in Lidl is PLN 2.79.


  • socks - Sets consisting of three pairs of children's socks from size 13 to 24 will be available from 9-15.02 in Biedronka at the price of 7.49 PLN / set. However, for baby socks with a cheerful rattle we will pay 7.99 PLN / pair at E.Leclerc. Two pieces of socks in Carrefour hypermarkets will cost us PLN 3 without a penny.
  • Baby underwear- Boys' shirts printed with Pepco cost PLN 7.99 / item In Biedronka, we will pay PLN 12.99 / item for bodysuits, t-shirts and shorts, which are available from size 68 to 86 in various colors with prints of favorite fairy-tale characters. Three pieces of long-sleeved baby shirts in Carrefour cost PLN 24.99. A set of two body pieces for babies in Lidl can be purchased at an attractive price - PLN 15.99 on February 13-15. In the same store we will get knitted sweaters with buttons in two designs for PLN 27.99.
  • Clothes for older children - In Real, we will pay 8.99 PLN / item for various girls' shorts (from one to five years old). On the other hand, jackets and vests available in sizes 92-152cm will be purchased for less than PLN 20. Warm velor pajamas will be available in Lidl only until 12.02 for the price of 27.99 PLN / pcs.


  • mascots- 45 cm plush toys, which from 9.02 will be available in Biedronka (cow, teddy bear, bunny, tiger, ladybug) for PLN 29.99 can be a nice Valentine's gift for our little ones. For a thirteen centimeter teddy bear in until 19.02 we will pay only 6.99 PLN. The rainbow cow we get in Pepco is PLN 19.99.
  • For girls- A set of three figures with Littlest Pet Shop accessories in Pepco from 10-23.02 will be available for PLN 24.99. In the same store we will pay less than PLN 10 for a strawberry doll.
  • For boys- Buy a set of Tonka Chuck & Friends cars at Pepco for PLN 24.99.
  • Educational- We will get a sorter with blocks in the form of a turtle or phone in Carrefour for only 6.99 PLN / item.


  1. Diapers - Pampers Active Baby in Polo Market 37.99 PLN / pack. Promotion time from 08 to 14.02.
  2. Dinners / meals - 4x190g BoboVita dishes in Bomi stores PLN 14.08. Promotion time from 08 to 14.02
  3. Juices / nectars - 4x300ml Bobo Frut juices in Auchan 8.89 PLN. Promotion time from 08 to 14.02
  4. Underwear- baby long-sleeved t-shirts in Carrefour 3 pieces for 24.99 PLN