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O-press rewritable booklet

O-press rewritable booklet

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When visiting press stands or bookstores, I often look for different types of coloring books for my little artist. Due to the fact that the passion of drawing a two-year-old is hard to tame, I reach for various forms of coloring.

At Kolporter's booth, looking through the coloring pages for my son, I came across a re-writing booklet with a large inscription coloring for the youngest. The booklet was wrapped in transparent foil, in which a navy blue marker pen was also placed (an ordinary marker pen not different from the standard ones available in stores).

I was very interested in this proposal, even though I couldn't see the content, I bought it without hesitation. The view of the coloring page and the attached felt-tip pen sparked a glint in his son's eye, so he started painting quickly. At the back of the booklet the author put information: "Draw carefully in the footsteps. If you are unhappy, cut a piece of paper with a sponge and you can draw again. "

On each page of the book there are various drawings of animals and shorts drawn in gray, just correct the lines attached with the felt-tip pen, thus practicing the baby's hand. Unfortunately, the booklet did not find information about the recommended age of the user, although as a 2-year-old mother I think that the son is a bit too small.

At first he painted wherever he could, then I tried to hold my son's hand to write on the lines and when something went wrong, as suggested by the information, we tried to wipe the resulting lines with a sponge. Unfortunately, in places where the marker was more visible, it could not be completely removed what the son "wrote" because a trace remained. Therefore, it is difficult to call this product 100% reusable. Additionally the marker soaks up slowly, which means that the child's hand will often erase an involuntarily drawn drawing, dirtying the hands and sleeves of the blouse.

For me, the book turned out to be a total kit, not fulfilling its basic functions, although I admit that the price of 4.99 was not too high. Generally, rewriting books have a very good reputation, but I have no comparison with others, maybe I found a damaged batch or copy.


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