Promotions for children's items

Promotions for children's items

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Are you going shopping? See what the largest stores have prepared for this week. You won't miss any promotions with us. This week we recommend:


  • Pampers diapers- Rossmann has prepared a surprise for its customers, reducing the price of Pampers Active Baby Jumbo Pack diapers from 57.99 PLN to 55.99 PLN, in addition to each pack it includes a photo frame. The promotion is valid until all free gifts. On the other hand, at Tesco, by 22.02, for Active Baby Giga Pack Plus Midi diapers we will pay PLN 72.99 instead of PLN 85.99. The offer applies to all sizes. For example, for this price we will get 112 diapers in size 3. At Carrefour we will pay 27.99 PLN / package for all sizes of Sleep & Play diapers (without promotion we will pay about 36 PLN).
  • Bath cosmetics- Nivea Baby body and hair wash gel is available at a promotional price at Rossmann. We will pay PLN 12.99 for a 250ml bottle (current price: PLN 14.49). However, the same cosmetic at Schlecker costs PLN 10.99.
  • Sudocrem- for a 125g jar of Sudocrem in Rossmann we will pay PLN 2 cheaper than before, i.e. PLN 22.99. We will get it for more PLN in Schlecker stores.
  • Wet wipes- Rossmann offers its customers a very favorable offer. There for 6 packages of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes 64 pcs. we will pay PLN 26.99 (old price PLN 32.99). In the same drugstore, Babydream wipes (4x80 items) will amount to PLN 12.99 instead of PLN 15.99. In Carrefour, two packages of Sleep & Play wipes, containing 128 pcs. they will amount to PLN 9.49. We will pay 50gr more for them in Schlecker stores. Whereas for 64 items Bella Happy wipes at Carrefour we pay PLN 4.99.


  • Bobovit porridges - In Rossmann, for 230g BoboVita milk porridges we will pay instead of 7.49 PLN only 6.59 PLN. Slightly more expensive, because PLN 6.88 we would have to spend on it in Auchan. In Carrefour, however, we pay only 9.99 PLN for two milk-rice porridges 230g each.
  • Nestle porridges - In Net we will pay PLN 9.99 for two milk-rice porridges after 230g
  • Gerber's dinners- A full offer of 190g dinners at a promotional price of 3.69 PLN / item. (so far PLN 4.39) we'll get in Rossmann.
  • Gerber desserts- In Carrefour, desserts in 130g jars are available in the promotion - for two pieces we will pay PLN 5.29 and in addition we will receive a third dessert for free. We will pay only 20 PLN more for an identical offer in Netto stores.
  • BoboVita desserts- For three 190g jars in Real we will pay PLN 4.29.
  • Hipp desserts- for any 190g dessert we will pay only 3.99 PLN instead of 5.29 PLN. Rossmann drugstores have prepared such a promotion. One zloty cheaper will get us in a Schlecker store 130g jar.
  • Hipp juices- Oh, 50 grams of 200ml Hipp juices. In Rossman we will pay PLN 2.59 for the bottle.
  • Bebilon milk - Bebilon's next milk is available in Rossman at a bargain price - PLN 38.99 for 800g packaging. Before promotion, it cost PLN 42.49.


  • Underwear- Baby bodies in Auchan are available for 6.59 PLN / item. (current price PLN 8.99). However, velor rompers will be bought for PLN 14.99, and rompers PLN 16.99 / item.
  • Blouses, T-shirts Where daily low prices of our favorite products await us - discount Biedronka - from 23.02 for a children's long-sleeved t-shirt, which was decorated with a picture of a nice canary named Tweety, Tomek, Spiderman, locomotive, Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Sarenka Bambi and We will pay Hello Kitty and the hero of the movie Cars 16.99 PLN / pcs. In Carrefour children's t-shirts with Disney characters are available at the price of 19.99 PLN / pcs. The cheapest, because after 8.99 PLN we will get children's t-shirts in Auchan. There, the price does not exceed PLN 9.00 each.
  • Tights, socks- We will buy tights for little ladies in Biedronka. Expressive and eye-catching colors and a classic cut cost PLN 5.49 per item. However, for a pair of socks we will pay only PLN 2.49.
  • Trousers- In addition to the items mentioned above, Biedronka offers sweatpants from 92 to 128cm in several colors for PLN 19.99 / item.


  • Educational - From February 23, block sets will be available in Biedronka, consisting of 111 medium or 53 large elements for PLN 17.99 per set.
  • For boys - At Tesco, the favorite heroes of Cars were overrated from PLN 11.99 to PLN 9.99. We will spend PLN 17.99 in Biedronka on a fire brigade car equipped with a 80 cm ladder with four brave firefighters or a delivery van with a movable load box.
  • For girls - Girls will probably enjoy dolls - mermaids, fairies or little miss. Low price - PLN 12.99 per item is a really small cost for a toy that has been precisely made and is available in Biedronka in as many as 18 different models. For a pink kitchen with the Hello Kitty logo measuring 60x42x27.5cm at Tesco we will pay not 84.99 PLN but 68.99 PLN. In the same hypermarket, a set of 8 ponies was discounted by half from PLN 79.99 to PLN 39.99.


  • Car seat - If you plan to buy a car seat at a favorable price, from 23/02 KinderKraft car seats will be available in Biedronka, which have successfully passed crash tests which have been subjected to the Industrial Automotive Institute. A gray or navy blue car seat that will ensure safety for a child weighing between 9 and 36kg will get you for PLN 149. At Auchan, we will pay PLN 249.99 for a Ferrari car seat in the same weight range. In Netto, however, the Racer Sp Nania car seat will cost us PLN 139. The Fisher Price Leone carrier costs PLN 169.
  • skates - If you want to please young skaters in the Real network by presenting the Playback card, the Semisoft 151 children's skates will cost you not PLN 99, but PLN 59.99.
  • baby - We pay 10 PLN cheaper for the tourist bed in Auchan, i.e. 159.99 PLN.

From the pharmacy shelf

* The World Health pharmacy recommends its customers vitamins and minerals for children VitaMarin Junior in capsules, for which we will pay 24.99 / 60 capsules (old price 34.76 PLN), 34.99 PLN / 120 capsules (old price 51.31 PLN) and 16.99 (discounted from 25.63 PLN) in the form of 150ml liquid.