5 phrases you should not say to your child when he cries

5 phrases you should not say to your child when he cries

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The whining of children can make parents despair. Sometimes it is a response to situations that little ones cannot control or avoid, whether it be hungry, sleepy, or tired.

These tears and moans can be frustrating to parents and can lead us to make mistakes and say the wrong things that can damage their self-esteem. In We tell you what things you should not say to your child when he cries.

1- "Don't cry" or "stop crying at once": With these phrases we are teaching children that crying is bad. If we scold children for crying, they will begin to repress their emotions, not to show or express them, and this will lead them to become adults who do not handle their feelings well, they will not know how to control their emotions. What to do? It is preferable to ask why he is crying, give him support, hug him and make him feel loved.

2- "As long as you keep crying, I'm going to give you to cry for good reason": We are threatening the child with physical punishment, if we also carry it out, we are making a great mistake, which is to educate with violence and admit the aggression as part of the child's education. We will be encouraging them to use violence as a response to certain situations. What to do? Give him our attention and show that we care about what is happening to him, tell him that he can tell us why he is crying and we will help him solve it.

3- "Boys don't cry": a sexist and outdated message. Crying does not have sex, girls cry, boys cry and even adults cry. It is the expression of an emotion that is not bad or belongs to the male or female sex. Phrases like "don't be a girl" create children who repress their emotions and do not explore them, something fundamental during a person's development. What to do? Always avoid them and educate children on equality.

4- "Don't overdo it": we are devaluing the emotions and events that can make a child cry. If we tell him that it is not so bad what happens to them, whether he cries because he does not go to the park or because his favorite doll is broken, we are sending a message. We are not giving them the understanding or the support they need. Therefore, they will not come to us when something happens to them. What to do? Always be those ears and shoulder in which to cry and be able to vent, let them know that they can tell us about their problems and we will be there to understand them.

5- "If you cry, get out of my sight": Far from fostering a bond with the child, we are creating detachment. We are telling children that when they cry, they cannot turn to us, that we will not be there to attend to them or listen to them. What to do? Understand children, recognize that their lack of maturity or a bad moment can lead them to have a tantrum and that far from separating them from our side, we have to bring them even closer, hug them and tell them how much we love them.

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