How to prepare our baby's puree

How to prepare our baby's puree

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It is not always easy for babies to adjust to the new way of feeding. Starting to eat with a spoon and getting used to the new flavors can be a challenge for moms and dads, so we have to take care of some aspects of the puree so that it is palatable, attractive and easy to eat.

The way of making it as well as its consistency, texture, flavor, temperature, everything matters! The baby will also have his tastes and preferences.

To achieve a good consistency, we must take care of the amount of water that we incorporate to cook the ingredients, the choice of products (tender meat or fish, not soggy or dry) and the crushed.

To start to get the desired point, we can use a small saucepan (for one or two servings) and cover the water ingredients exceeding a finger or two. If we see halfway through cooking that it loses a lot of water, we must add a little more and continue cooking (it is better to add water, than to discard later, since the cooking water contains many nutrients).

The olive oil is better not to incorporate it at the time of cooking, it is preferable to incorporate it raw when the puree loses temperature, as if it were a dressing, since the oil loses some of its nutritional properties with high temperature.

For our convenience, we can have available in the freezer packets of ingredients, meat, vegetables and carrots that we need for each puree, since the portions that we will use are small and individual.

The potato should not be frozen, as it provides a strange texture when thawed. As we can and must learn from all of us, I will extend the recommendation of my fruit vendor: she told me that for the puree I should use old potatoes, since the new season potato was very acidic, it could even be toxic for the baby.

We can make the puree for 2 or three days, keeping the jars that are not used in the day (no more than three) in the refrigerator, although in summer it is better not to accumulate, since fermentation is easier while we wait for it to cool. enough to put in the fridge.

If we get more quantity than expected, we can freeze them. Finally, we must take into account proper hygiene when handling food and washing vegetables and remember that we must not add salt or spices to purees (especially for babies under one year of age).

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