Separating twins at school: yes or no?

Separating twins at school: yes or no?

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A study has revealed that the custom of separating twins into different classes in the early years of school is counterproductive, especially for younger children. Many of these children suffer traumatic consequences as a cause of separation, first from his parents and then from his siblings to whom they have been intimately linked throughout his life.

In We tell you the arguments for and against this deeply rooted practice in almost all developed countries.

Some of these symptoms are usually attributed to the beginning of school, such as: setback in learning such as toilet training, withdrawal, separation anxiety, and even poor academic results; However, if this is your case, you should ask yourself if it cannot be caused by the separation of the children.

This same study recommends not implementing this rule without studying each case. It can not always be traumatic for children, even sometimes it can be recommended when the relationship between siblings is too absorbing for only one child or bad, with excessive fights or jealousy, but this should be the exception and not the norm.

- Enhance children's individuality.

- They will expand their group of friends.

- They will not depend so much on each other, releasing at least dependent load.

- Facilitates interaction with the rest of the students.

- They learn to be independent and not a set.

- Individuality is fostered from home by treating them as independent siblings. It is useless to have them separated if later at home or by friends they are treated as a group. Furthermore, this individuality is innate in each one of them, anyone who is the father of twins or twins can clearly see the marked difference between them in tastes, friendships, and ways of acting. On the contrary, with the separation it has not been proven that this improves.

- Twins don't usually share friends, since their personalities tend to be disparate, so being together in the same class is not usually an impediment to meet new friends, also you can be in separate classes and get together with the same friends during breaks.

- In the case of very dependent twins, separation will cause more dependence than ever on the brother, in addition to anxiety, loneliness and isolation.

- In the case of helping interaction with other children, this can be given by putting siblings in different work groups within the same class.

- Independence must not be imposed by force, since this will cause a blockage, but it is acquired little by little when the child feels safe, however the separation often produces the opposite, insecurity and withdrawal.

- Create stress in children due to separation, with learning withdrawal like peeing in bed again, fear of separation, tantrums, crying ...

- It can increase the difficulty in learning caused by insecurity.

- It is especially recommended not to separate them between 3 to 6 years old, a time when it can be very traumatic, but this is not an indication that it cannot be done later when children are more independent.

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