Epaminondas. Stories for children

Epaminondas. Stories for children

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Epaminondas had a wonderful grandmother who cooked delicious meals. Epaminondas really liked going to see her, because she always gave him something to take home. One day, when Epaminondas went to see his grandmother, she was finishing a delicious cake, and she gave Epaminondas a piece to eat. When he went out, his grandmother drew him:

- Epaminondas, take a piece of the cake to your mother.

Epaminondas took it in his little hands and squeezed the piece of cake so tightly so that it wouldn't get lost and ran all the way back home. When his mother saw him, she said:

- What is that, Epaminodas?

And Epaminondas replied:

- A cake, Mom. Grandma has sent it for you.

- Cake! Her mother yelled. Epaminondas, don't you know that this is not how a cake is taken? The next time Grandma gives you a piece of cake, you put it in your hat, and then you put the hat on your head and go home. Do you hear me, Espaminondas?

Epaminondas said to her: 'yes, mommy'. The next time Epaminondas went to see his grandmother, she was churning milk and gave him some fresh butter to take to his mother. Epaminondas remembered his mother's words and followed them. He put the portion of butter in his hat, put the hat on his head, and went home.

It was a hot day, and soon the butter began to melt. Dripped and dripped and dripped. The butter got into his ears, through his eyes, down his back and kept dripping. When he got home, Epaminondas no longer had butter in his hat. It had totally melted. His mother, seeing him, asked him:

- Epaminondas, what is dripping from your hat?

- Butter, mommy. Grandma sent it for you.

- Butter !!, her mother yelled. Oh Epaminondas! Don't you know that butter doesn't get along like that? Next time you should wrap it in a cabbage leaf, and refresh it in the water from the fountain. When you've done that, you grab the butter in your hands and go home. Do you hear me, Epaminondas?

And Epaminondas said to her: 'Yes, mommy'.

The next time Epaminondas went to see his grandmother, she was not baking a cake, or drinking milk. She was sitting in the chair knitting wool. His grandmother told him:

- Epaminondas, look in the woodshed, and you will see something that you will like. Epaminondas looked in the woodshed, and there he found four puppy dogs. He played with them all afternoon, and when he was coming home, his grandmother gave him one. Epaminondas remembered what his mother had told him, and wrapped the puppy in a large cabbage leaf, took him to the fountain and cooled him in the water. So, he took it in his hands and went home. When his mom saw him, she said:

- Epaminondas, what do you have in your hands?

- A puppy dog, Mommy.

- A puppy dog! Her mother yelled. Oh Epaminondas! That is no way to carry a puppy. Puppies are put to sleep and carried on a rope around their necks. Do you hear me, Epaminondas?

- Yes mom.

Epaminondas understood what his mother told him and he put a piece of rope in his pants pocket and that's it.

The next day Epaminondas's mother asked him to go get bread for dinner. He asked Epaminondas to run to Grandma's house to ask for a loaf of bread for dinner. Epaminondas immediately started to run.

Granny gave Epaminondas a freshly baked and very crisp bread. This time Epaminondas knew what he had to do. He proudly took out the rope that he had kept in his pants pocket and tied the loaf of bread to it. Then he put the bread on the ground, and tied to the rope he pulled it until he got home. When he got home, his mother looked surprised at the thing Epaminondas was wearing, tied to the end of the rope:

- What are you bringing there, Epaminondas?

- Bread, mommy. It's the bread my grandmother gave me.

- Oh, Epaminondas, Epaminondas! Now we don't have bread for dinner. I'm going to have to go looking for a bit.

His mother went into the house, put on her hat, and when she came out she said:

- Epaminondas, do you see those three meat patties that I have put on the door to cool them? Be careful, do you hear me, Epaminondas? Be careful where you put your foot with those empanadas.

- Yes mom.

His mother went looking for bread. Epaminondas went to the door and leaned out. He remembered what his mother had told him and how careful he should be with the empanadas. So he put his foot right in the middle of each of the empanadas. When her mom came home with the bread, there were no empanadas for dinner. His mother got very angry. It is not known what happened next, what his mother did for dinner. What is known is that Epaminondas was slow to understand what his mother was asking for, for a long time.

And red bunting, this story is almost over ...

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