The mysterious hotel. Magic card trick for kids

The mysterious hotel. Magic card trick for kids

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If you like magic, you will love this fantastic trick, where imagination and mystery come together. You can teach this trick to your children, with the video where the magician Iván Santacruz (A magician dad) tells in the form of a story an incredible story with a truly surprising ending. Attentive!

Once upon a time, there was a castle that was also a mysterious hotel. That night, four little monsters asked for lodging. In the hotel, there were only four rooms, so each of the little monsters occupied one room.

But shortly after, four mummies knocked on the door. They also wanted to sleep that night at the hotel. Since the rooms were occupied, the hotelier asked the monsters if they didn't mind sharing a room. They agreed, and each mummy went to sleep in one of the four rooms, along with the little monsters.

After a while there was another knock on the door. This time it was four bats. They needed to spend the night there at the hotel. So they asked permission from the rest of the guests and in the end they got the vampires to share a room with the others.

But almost at dawn, four werewolves arrived at the hotel. They asked for a room, and the owner got them to stay with the other guests.

And in the middle of the night, the monsters began to make mysterious and terrifying noises ... But when the owner of the hotel came up to see what was happening, the monsters were so calm ... only that since that night had been very magical, it turns out that in the first room were the mummies, in the other the werewolves, in the third the vampires and in the last the monsters ...

But ... do you want to learn how to do this fantastic trick? Discover it here

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