What did Snow White have under her skirt? Literary lesson of anatomy, tolerance and life

What did Snow White have under her skirt? Literary lesson of anatomy, tolerance and life

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Just a few years ago, it was a bad tone to give titles to books that were associated with intimate body parts, physiology, or referring to non-cultural epithets. When the Dung of the Nike award winner Wojciech Kuczok hit the stores, many of us sensed that the literary market would soon be filled with blatant content and names. But who could predict that they will also be directed to the youngest readers. Parents and their children talk about pee, pussycat, piles without embarrassment. Books about what diapers and panties conceal have emerged, which are increasingly becoming educational aids. Do they have any literary value? Who, while reading them, gets embarrassed blushes? And finally - do we really need them?

Hardcore fairy tales

Have you ever wondered why we were so happy to go back to the Little Red Riding Hood story? Did you support this brave girl during her lonely wandering in the dark forest? Or maybe you were keeping your fingers crossed and expecting a moment when a wolf jumps out from behind the bushes and finally devours this naive, thoughtless girl. Today, even a teenager is aware of the fact that red is a color provocative and provoking not only glances, but also lascivious thoughts. With the rest, which mother at that time would let her daughter go alone for a long walk to her grandmother in a dangerous area?

Imagine those newspaper headlines that would accuse a reckless parent not only of not accompanying her child during this trip, but above all would blame her that in a basket full of victuals there was no pepper spray, which the victim could defend against the attacker.

Let's take a closer look at Jas and Małgosia. What would the psychologist call the abandonment of two children in a place far from home because of a difficult material situation? Should the daddy of the main characters of this story deserve absolution, because thanks to him the siblings not only tightened their bonds, but also matured to a life in which without the help of an elderly relative one has to face danger? After all, the story ended with a happy ending. The girl and boy committed a spectacular murder (as part of the necessary self-defense) and lived happily ever after without remorse.

Or from another barrel. How did seven dwarfs share a bathroom with the most beautiful princess in the world? Was the apple, which Śnieżka greedily bit, stuffed with pesticides and grew along a crowded road amid the smell of exhaust fumes? What anti-depressants did the Evil Queen take who seemed to have interesting conversations with her own mirror?

Do you think I burped up? What are my strange divagations going to do? First of all, I mean literality, symbolism, the other bottom of the fairy tale. The stories told by our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers delight with their multithreading, emotions, interesting stories, various heroes, and in particular the timeless message. No one needs to be explained that Sleeping Beauty fell into her longest sleep when she hurt her finger with a spindle and drops of her blood saw the light of day. As soon as she ceased to be a girl (reference to the first menstruation), the curse cast after her birth was activated. The author did not describe what her vagina looked like, which heroine she chose from the bleeding protection. As in the case of Cinderella, who was in a hurry to arrive home from the ball before midnight, no one wondered whether the girl was diarrhea, or maybe her stepmother was tired of constipation. Today, we can read about the shape of human poop, whether a 15-cm-old pee can grow during an erection or read pussy confessions. I will just ask if such openness or explicitness makes sense?

Poop pile uneven

Anticipating your comments, I would like to emphasize that I absolutely do not put Andersen's fairy tales or the Grimm brothers with a "shit" book or vaginal atlas by Pernilla Stalfeld, Dan Hojer with Gunilla Kvarnstorm on one scale. Neither of these writers try to offend or diminish his abilities. I wonder if such reading really encourages parents to break taboos about intimate matters during the conversation and how they are perceived by the youngest readers. We can learn by reading many fairy tales that the ruler of a certain land shared a bed with his wife and, as a result, the inhabitants of the kingdom enjoyed the birth of the crown successor. We took such matters for granted. Who of you in your early childhood wondered if his reproductive organs are normal and how they differ from the intimate zones of our friends from the yard? Or was it important for you, what kind of mum do you buy and why does your dad complain when sitting in the toilet and where did Sierotka Marysia take care of her needs? Have you been looking for information on the above topics?

I looked carefully and read what the author had to say A small book about pile. I am neither disgusted nor delighted. Before the book of Pernilla Stalfelt saw the light of day, its author wanted to appear on the publishing market as a creator of a philosophical song that touches on typical children's dilemmas. Life, however, verified her plans and instead of an outstanding work, she wrote a text about her hair. It wasn't until she was a middle-aged lady, under the influence of many observations, that she came up with the idea to fill the gap in the education of the youngest and describe the story and the essence of poop.

The 1997 book on physiological droppings turned out to be a real hit in Sweden. In a country where there are few taboo subjects, readings have been quite enthusiastically received. Written in a simple, understandable language, with distance and light humor shows stool as an indispensable element of not only human existence.

Stalfelt examines the origin of feces, its types, features and people's reactions to its presence or on the contrary - an unpleasant lack. He even goes so far as to suggest readers to make a necklace of elk droppings. He confirms the young recipient in the belief that human excrement from the home toilet goes directly to the water basin, and not to the sewage treatment plant, where like swimmers swim like kilometers swimming in facial bathing caps on shit heads. We can also learn from the book that in the countryside, apart from a traditional toilet, we are dealing with multi-person outhouses, which are rarely emptied. When a special car appears that disposes of dirt, it should be avoided at all costs. Meeting with such a vehicle guarantees first degree contact with the smelly content.

The author was a little fantasy. This is especially evident in the passage in which he imagines a "theatrical play" about farting, which would be played by naked amateur actors. The moral of this story is not difficult to predict - if it weren't for poop, we wouldn't be able to function normally.

Is it interesting? Rather funny and obvious. There was nothing in it that the average preschooler would not be aware of. Importantly, some issues require parental rectification and extensive commentary. When it comes to any controversy around the topic itself, let's face the poop poop, it happens to each of us. Do you need to write a book about it? What's the big deal?

Penis, penis, pee ...

I don't have to convince anyone that our cultural names of intimate body parts are poor. Unless children feel embarrassed in defining these places, we adults are often embarrassed when we are forced to talk about them in public. Here, as usual, the Swedes come to the rescue.

Specifically Dan Hojer and his wife Gunilla Kvarnstrom. In the Great Book of Pissies deal with the study of genital organs, cite stories taken from the lives of teenagers, describe dilemmas related to puberty, provide statistics on the amount of erection that occurs during masturbation of sperm and determine the differences between male members of different races and nationalities. The book contains some intriguing information. Their knowledge can provide us, parents with success during many social conversations, and arouse the child's interest not only in the opposite sex. Did you know that the heroes of the Bible, in order to emphasize their truthfulness, swore their own testicles? The Swedish word testamente, which defines part of the holy book of Christians, is derived from the male reproductive organ. Unlike the book on poop, reading a Swedish marriage song is not only a mine of knowledge, passed on in a way that encourages to explore many issues, but above all a good start to help the child understand what is going on with his body.

Following the blow, after a piss encyclopedia, it was created Big book of pussy, which turned out to be a stick put in an anthill. Her die-hard opponents rebelled against the use of religious figures in the song, including Jesus. They considered religious desecration the fact that Christ was endowed with a penis, and the author's discussions about what would happen if it turned out that a pussy appeared in the place of the penis and, as a result, a woman would hang on the cross, they considered the peak of insolence. Girls' statements (the book was based on discussions with teenage students) concern not only problems related to the appearance of the sexual organs, but they also come across various spheres of sexuality with safe intercourse and masturbation.

Do you remember school classes on adapting to family life? What was the attitude of the person leading them? Could you talk openly about what troubles the average teenager? Has the teacher explained you how to properly put a condom on your penis without embarrassment, which is the cause of nightly bruising, why in some cultures women are brutally mutilated by cutting their clits and depriving them of the pleasure of sex? Or maybe your parents, grandparents or other relatives made you aware of how to properly care for hygiene during menstruation, why during pregnancy our reproductive organs change their color and size, what should we prepare for during the first visit to a gynecologist? Don't worry if you didn't answer yes to any of the above.

Although the mentality of people is changing from generation to generation and we are more and more often talking about intimate matters, still many people are unable to look their child straight in the eye and answer honestly questions related to adolescence. Then just such books can come to the rescue. Properly selected, they can become a valuable source of information for readers seeking answers. Not only will it dispel his doubts, but above all satisfy his curiosity, which we should not condemn.

A few words about dying

Why do we buy animals for children? There are many reasons. We want to give the shoot a unique gift, we expect that thanks to the living being, our descendant will become a responsible person, we provide him a companion for wonderful games, we try to compensate for his absence. Regardless of the argument, sooner or later we will have to face the death of a pet who will either happily live to a short old age or die tragically due to inadequate care. How will you behave in the face of such an event that becomes a family tragedy for a child with a pet? If your child has not witnessed the death of a pet, would you come up with a story about a pet's escape, departure to heaven, or search the internet and nearby pet stores in search of an identical animal? Or maybe you can organize a funeral for a hamster in your home garden?