Eight mistakes when taking the child in the car

Eight mistakes when taking the child in the car

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Correctly placing children inside the car can reduce death by up to 75% and head, neck and abdominal injuries by 90%. Child restraint systems are essential for movements, even so, there are many mistakes we make in their placement.

In We tell you some of the most common mistakes when it comes to insuring our children.

1- Carry a 12-year-old child in the front seat: in many countries, age does not count for children in the front seats, but height; Only those who exceed 1.35 meters can travel in the front seat of the car. There are three exceptions: In the event that all the rear seats are occupied by children in the same conditions, in two-seater cars, and in the event that it is not possible to install all the necessary seats behind.

2- Carrying babies in arms secured with our own seat belt: A very common mistake that poses a danger to both adults and children since, in the event of braking, the adult will push the child with their body, who runs the risk of hitting the front seat or the dashboard. The baby must wear a restraint system since leaving the hospital.

3- Put the group 0 seat in the direction of travel and in the front seat: The safest seat in the car is the back and in the center, since there the child is more protected from frontal and side blows. Group 0 seats must be placed against the march, in addition, if they are in the front seat, the airbag must be disconnected.

4- Put the safety belt on children with the two bands under the arms: Many are the parents who think that the belt will suffocate the child in the event of a collision, however, this practice is very dangerous since in case of lateral blows or overturns, the child can come out over the belts since they do not there is nothing to hold you down. The belt must be placed with the upper band over the shoulder and above the sternum, and not touch the neck or go under the chin; and the lower band on the hipbones and not on the stomach.

5- Loosen the harnesses of the seats so that they do not squeeze the child: The harnesses must be without slack, well adjusted and over the shoulder, otherwise they will not do their function well.

6- The head should not protrude from the headrest: This is a sign that the chair has become too small and must be passed on to the next group. It is necessary that the head in case of a blow is protected by the sides of the seat.

7- Passing the elevator too soon: The lift is more comfortable to put on, and weighs less if we have to transport it from one car to another, but we must not forget that the back of the chairs reinforce the protection against side collisions, and the head suffers less impacts.

8- Not installing the chair correctly: Many times in our rush we forget to check that the seats are perfectly positioned, especially those that do not have an Isofix system. If a chair is loose, the chair's own weight will push the child forward in the event of an accident, making it more dangerous even than if they were wearing nothing. It is very important that the chair is correctly positioned.

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