Being a heavy mom has her good side

Being a heavy mom has her good side

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"Finish the milk", "pick up the toys", "go to the shower", "put on your scarf" ... mothers, it seems that we are always giving orders and commands as if we were army captains.

It is true that, sometimes, mothers are a bit boring, but what would be the organization and education of our children if we were not so annoying? If you go to bed thinking that you are an ogre and that you are always scolding your children, lift your spirits, we will tell you the positive side of it all.

As a mother of three children, I have to confess it, or I get a bit sergeant or the day to day turns into chaos. Being a heavy mom has, of course, its downsides, both for the kids and for yourself.

I have thought many times about how tired I am sometimes, so much so that I am fed up even listening to myself, however, this time, instead of criticizing myself for being like this with my children, I prefer to think about the good things that come from being a slightly annoying mom, I hope they serve you too:

- You are imposing rules and limits: something fundamental, according to all the experts for children. They need them in their learning and to develop fully, to adapt to the environment, to be able to grow, to be successful in the future ...

- You shape their character: Children still do not have a mature criterion, they are forging it and you, you are facilitating that path, even if it is by dint of being very heavy.

- You regulate their behavior: children are learning to behave, and you are teaching them to do so to prevent them from having behavior problems later on. They will be less impulsive and uncontrolled.

- You impose routines: routines are essential in childhood, it makes children more organized, less lazy and more responsible.

- You take care of their well-being: If we weren't so heavy with things like worrying that the child is warm, he would get sicker; if we didn't worry about her picking up her toys, she'd be messy; If we did not insist that he eat fruit, he would not be eating a complete diet ...

In any case, it does not hurt that mothers and fathers constantly examine their conscience and analyze whether we are doing it well or we can do it better. Mothers can be the heaviest people in the world, maybe sometimes, we can be, a little less ... but only a little!

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