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Washing powder, diapers or a potty? What will you save a few PLN this week?


  • Cosmetics- When you buy two 200ml Johnson's Baby olives at Carrefour, you'll receive a 50% discount on the second piece. You'll pay a total of PLN 14.99 at the checkout. Johnson's Baby Hair Shampoo 200ml in Real costs PLN 6.29. In the same supermarket you will pay PLN 13.49 for the Hipp set. The Bobini type 2 in 1 bath cosmetic 400ml costs PLN 5.49. At Rossmann, when you buy any Hipp cosmetics, e.g. Skin Care Milk, you will receive a mini cream for PLN 15.99. Instead of PLN 11.89, you'll pay only PLN 10.99 for Johnson's Baby Olive. You can buy a PLN cheaper with Nivea Baby Powder (PLN 6.99 for 100g) and skincare cream (PLN 8.99 for 200ml).
  • Cosmetic chemistry- Powder for washing Lovel children's clothes 1.8kg in Carrefour costs PLN 18.49.
  • Wet wipes- Huggies amateurs in Carrefour are waiting for a real treat. They will pay only PLN 6 for two packages. Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes 6x64 pcs. in Real they cost PLN 25.95. If you liked Nivea Baby wipes, then at Rossman for 4x63 pcs. you'll pay in the promotion PLN 19.99 (old price PLN 26.99).
  • Pampers diapers- You can get giant packs of diapers in different sizes at Carrefour for PLN 72.99. You will pay PLN 99.95 for packing Pampers Active Baby Mega Box Midi (186, 162 and 132 items) in Real. Sleepy Play diapers in the midi size (58 pcs) at Tesco cost PLN 26.99, similarly at the Polo Market, and you pay PLN 49.99 for two packaging in Real.
  • Huggies diapers- At Tesco, when you buy diapers from the Huggies Giga Midi series (84 items) for PLN 35.99, you will get free Huggies Pure wipes (64 items).


  • Milk- In Carrefour, all Bebilon milk in 800g cans cost PLN 42.99. In Real you will pay less, just 38.99 PLN. You will pay 26.49 PLN in Real for two 350g Nestle Junior milk. The packaging of this milk 350g in the Polo Market costs PLN 14.99. At Rossmann, you will pay for the zloty cheaper, i.e. PLN 12.59, for milk for children who are six months old.
  • Teas- Different types of 200g Hipp teas are available at Carrefour for PLN 9.29. However, for 400g cans in Rossmann you will pay PLN 12.99 (currently PLN 15.99).
  • porridge- For 230g you will spend a package of various Nestle porridges at Carrefour PLN 7.29. However, if you are tempted by two packages then they will amount to 10.99 PLN. A little less, because you will pay PLN 10.69 for a similar promotion in Real. There you will also get 2-pack BoboVita porridges for PLN 7.89. Instead of 7.79 PLN, you will pay 6.99 PLN for 230g of BoboVita porridge in Polo Market.
  • desserts- For 160g Hipp desserts in Carrefour you will pay 4.29 PLN / pcs. Whereas in Real only PLN 3.59. For 3 packages of 130g of Gerber desserts in the same supermarket you will pay only 5.49 PLN. BoboVita desserts in 125g jars will be glad to pay PLN 3.89 for two. For 190g a jar of Gerber dessert in Rossmann you will spend 4.59 PLN, not 5.49 PLN as usual.
  • Denmark - Two 190g jars with any BoboVita dish will carry you in Carrefour PLN 6.89. Whereas for 4 pcs at Tesco you pay 14.37 (you will get one free). If your children eat dinners from 125g jars then you will spend PLN 8.97 in the same supermarket for 4 items. In Rossmann 220g Hipp dinner is an expense cheaper by PLN 1, i.e. PLN 4.19 (old price: PLN 5.19). Large jars of Gerber dishes have been discounted from PLN 5.49 to PLN 4.39.
  • juices- Juice lovers Bobo Frut will enjoy the promotion he has prepared for his clients Carrefour. Here you decide to buy 4 bottles of 300ml you will pay only for 3 pcs. that is PLN 9.57. However, in Real you will spend PLN 9.49 on an identical offer. Slightly more expensive, 3.49 PLN, you will get one of three bottles in Rossmann, which compensates for the high price with a free fourth bottle of juice.


  • Underwear- Baby rompers and rompers can be bought at Carrefour for PLN 9.99 / item Whereas the body costs PLN 7.49. You will spend 19.99 PLN for a set of 3 body from Kaufland. For a baby body in Pepco you will pay only 5.99 PLN / item. However, the cheapest for the price of PLN 4.19 will be in Real. If you would like to buy a toddler romper on a zipper then you will also get it in Real for PLN 8.99.
  • socks- In Real, you will pay 2.99 PLN for baby socks. If you are tempted by the version with a leather sole then it will cost you PLN 12.99. Whereas socks with a rattle cost PLN 9.99.
  • blouses- Baby t-shirts at Pepco cost PLN 7.99 / item Sweatshirts with colorful applications and a hood PLN 19.99. A little more expensive, because PLN 9.99 you will pay in Real for blouses with short and long sleeves.
  • Sets- For girls and boys tracksuits in Pepco we will pay PLN 19.99.


  • Books- You will pay only PLN 3 for two classic cartoons in Carrefour. On the other hand, DVD cartoons in Auchan were discounted from PLN 19.99 to PLN 6.99 / item.
  • For babies- You can buy adorable rattles in Carrefour for PLN 5.99. However, for Canpol plush toys you will pay PLN 10.99. BabyOno velor toys with the music box will get in Real for PLN 34.99.
  • Educational- Multifunctional cubes and a pyramid sorter cost PLN 29.99 / item in Carrefour. You will get 20% and 30% discounts on selected Fisher Price and Tommy educational toys in Real.


  • Dishes- You will get colorful non-spill cups at Carrefour for PLN 6.99. In Real, you will pay 19.99 PLN for the BabyOno dinner set, which includes: a bowl, cutlery and a cup of non-spill. At the same market, a Lovi 360 mug will cost you 39.95 PLN, while a BabyNova mug 29.95 PLN, a self-sterilizing Lovi 250ml bottle will cost 29.95 PLN.
  • Tetras diapers- Universal baby diapers will be useful for every young mother. In Carrefour you will pay PLN 21.99 for 10 items.
  • Car seats- You will pay 169 PLN at Carrefour for a child seat that does not exceed 18 kg. You will spend the same amount on a car seat in Real. Whereas the Junior 15-36 kg stand costs PLN 12.99 (previously PLN 29.99).
  • potties- Happy, colorful potties decorated with Disney characters from Carrefour from PLN 11.99. We will pay PLN 1 more for similar ones in Real.
  • Bicycles- A three-wheeled, colorful bicycle with a basket is an expense of 89.99 PLN in Carrefour. At the same supermarket you will pay 119 PLN for a 12 "running bike, and 199 PLN for a traditional 12" bike.
  • baby- You can buy a Hauck tourist bed in Real for PLN 189.


  1. Wet wipes Huggies Pure 2 × 64 for PLN 6, Carrefour
  2. Sleep & Play nappies 2 packs of 49.99, Real
  3. 4x dinner 125g BoboVita 8.97 PLN, Tesco
  4. Baby body 4.19 / item, Real

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