Childbirth preparation classes

Childbirth preparation classes

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Maternity education courses or childbirth preparation classes are aimed mainly at pregnant women, although parents can also participate in them. The classes try to give more information about pregnancy, childbirth, the newborn and breastfeeding. The courses are usually taught by midwives in health centers and take place around the third trimester of pregnancy.

The pregnant woman usually comes to your center to receive classes for childbirth preparation around week 28 of pregnancy, when the third trimester begins. The midwife in these courses spends part of the time explaining the different aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and the rest of the class to answer questions from the mothers and fathers who attend.

Maternal education is a fundamental preparation for motherhood since it is a great source of information for pregnant women, the topics covered are:

The third trimester of pregnancy: changes and state of the mother in the final stretch of pregnancy.

Preparation for delivery: stages and phases of labor, when to go to the hospital, epidural anesthesia and episiotomy.

Postpartum: care in the quarantine or puerperium.

- The newborn: an approach to the baby with information on how to hold a baby, how to change diapers, what rhythm of sleep the newborn has, massages, health and care.

- Breastfeeding: how the baby should be at the breast, possible complications of breastfeeding or feeding the newborn.

A very interesting part of the childbirth preparation courses is the section dedicated to practice, where mothers are taught what to do when labor begins, how are the breathing exercises or how the pushes are performed. And the father is told what he can do to support his partner, comfort him, and help reduce stress.

The childbirth preparation classes are useful even if you are aware that you are going to have a cesarean section, since childbirth is only one of the sections that the midwife covers.

Classes usually last 2 hours and are held weekly. To receive these courses you must go to your medical center and request information on maternal education.

Taking time to attend these childbirth preparation courses will help you to be more prepared for motherhood, especially if you are a new mother, and you will be able to face the moment of childbirth with more confidence since you will know at all times what the whole process of giving will be like. give birth to your baby. In addition, it is a unique opportunity to share doubts with other pregnant mothers and that these can be solved by a professional.

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