Scientists discover the 5 keys to making your child very intelligent

Scientists discover the 5 keys to making your child very intelligent

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Maybe you think that intelligence it has to do with genetics ... Or with having a high knowledge of quantum physics, complex computer systems or an enormous capacity to memorize.

Scientists have just released a study that will surprise many. The keys to intelligence It not only has to do with what the child studies. It's more... they have nothing to do with what the child studies.

A number of scientists from Baltimore (United States) investigated since 1968 what are the keys to raising smarter children and with success in life. The study started it Julian Stanley. Since then, thousands of children, now adults, have been tested. They discovered that there was not a single reason why a child managed to be smarter, but 5 great reasons, which surprisingly have nothing to do with studies. These are:

1. The love of parents. Children who receive more love from their parents are more successful when they grow up. The scientists showed that the affection of parents stimulates the brain of children in preschool (0 to 3 years). In addition, the greater the bond that united them as children, the stronger their personality and self-esteem. This helps them grow more confident and make determined decisions. Obviously, there are people who become successful despite coming broken families, but ... are they happy?

2. Allow them to face complex tasks. We often try to make life easier for them. We avoid them having to fasten the shoelaces by buying shoes with velcro, we do not allow them to remove the glasses from the table in case they break ... Children must be allowed to perform increasingly complex tasks, because this influences the connection of neurons, flexibility of thought and of course, in the child's self-esteem.

3. Let them play video games and puzzles. Video games are not bad. They often include real brain teasers. Children have to learn to solve problems and this stimulates the brain in search of solutions. They improve memory, attention and planning.

4. Encourage him to play a musical instrument. Music has wonderful benefits for the brain and improves intellectual development. Certain melodies masterfully train neurons in the brain. It also has many benefits on an emotional level.

5. Read books. Essential for the development of intelligence, memory and the acquisition and enrichment of language. Encourage your child from a young age in the world of reading.

As a curious fact ... do you know which well-known characters were part of this study (among many others) ?: Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook), Lady Gaga (singer) and Terence tao (famous mathematician).

Source: Iflscience

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