Children's Favorite Books

Children's Favorite Books

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Many times we want to give a book to a child and we are not sure if we will get it right or not. What books do children who can already read fluently prefer?

The librarian Sergio Díez (Brains International Schools) it gives us some clues about the books that children between 8 and 12 years old demand the most in libraries.

Children often sue books related to the fashion that prevails at the time. That is to say: books also cater to fashion. For example, the books of Gerónimo Stilton or those of Junie B. Jones....

They are undoubtedly interesting books, which stimulate and amuse children, but sometimes they forget everything that other types of books, more classic and old, by established writers like Roald Dahl, offered. Michael Ende or Carlo Frabetti. These are authors who connect very well with children, but they propose a type of literature that does not exist now, a more developed literature, more intense, that encourages children to think.

The most current books, the ones our children prefer, they almost look like interactive books. They have all these characteristics:

- Very little text.

- Many illustrations and very attractive.

- Much 'hooliganism'.

- It is a mix between book and comic.

- They are shallow.

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