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Promotions for parents

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Diapers are over, or maybe you need baby lotions? Promotions for milk or clothing? See what parents have prepared for us, the largest supermarkets in Poland.


  • Pampers diapers- Until March 15 at Aster drugstores, you can buy diapers from the Active Baby series for PLN 39.99 (current price: PLN 45.99). However, the various Gigant Pack sizes in Carrfour cost PLN 64.69 / package. Only at Tesco buying Pampers Active Baby Economy midi diapers on 08.03-14.03 will you pay only PLN 48.99 instead of 54.99 PLN. If you cut a coupon that is in the current newsletter and present it at the checkout you will get another discount of PLN 5. So you will spend PLN 43.99. The promotion includes diapers: Plus 70 midi, 62 maxi, Plus 56 maxi +, plus 52 junior +, plus 44 extra large +. In Real Pampers Active Baby and Premium Care diapers (various types) are available for PLN 43.99.
  • Cosmetics- For the purchase of any Nivea cosmetics at Aster drugstores for a minimum of PLN 30 you will receive football as a gift and at the same time support the action of 100 Nivea Football Schools. In Drogeria Natura, the Johnson's Baby set, which includes two 500ml and 200ml shampoos, has been discounted from PLN 14.59 to PLN 10.99. In the same drugstores Aquafresh Kids 50ml paste you can get at a promotional price - 4.29 PLN (old price 5.79 PLN).
  • Wet wipes- A pack of Pampers Baby freesh wipes, consisting of 6 packs of 64 pcs. you will get in Tesco for 25.99 PLN, not as it has been so far for 34.99 PLN. If you are interested in a smaller number of packages, then in Real for 4x64 pcs. you pay PLN 19.99.


  • Milk- In Carrefour, buying two packages of 350g for Nan milk, you will pay PLN 24.99. At Tesco, you save PLN 1.30 on each package of the next Bebiko milk and now you spend PLN 12.69 / package. Amateurs of Gerber milk in the Polo Market will pay for the packaging one zloty cheaper, i.e. PLN 12.99. However, E.Leclerc has a more favorable offer. There, we spend PLN 20.99 for two packages of this milk.
  • Denmark- 190 and 200g jars of Hipp dishes in Carrefour cost PLN 3.99 / item Slightly more expensive because PLN 4.39 you will get both dishes and soups at Tesco. You will get 125g of BoboVita dinner jars in the Polo Market for 3.19 PLN (so far they have cost 3.49 PLN). However, 2x190g BoboVita dishes in E.Leclerc will amount to PLN 6.95. In Intermarche, large jars of Gerber dishes are covered by the promotion - buying any two pieces you will pay only 6.44 PLN for both.
  • porridge- In Real you can buy Sinlac dairy porridge at a sensational low price of PLN 16.99.


  • Jackets- If you are looking for clothing in which your child could welcome spring, I suggest going to Carrefour for shopping. There you will pay PLN 29.99 for colorful children's fleece jackets (from size 86 to 152). The same price can be found for storm clouds decorated with popular cartoon characters. We'll get charming jackets with Winnie the Pooh or Hello Kitty at Pepco for PLN 39.99.
  • Sweatshirts and t-shirts- On baby t-shirts with a license (size 68-104) in Carrefour you will spend PLN 19.99. Girls' blouses with print will get in Pepco for PLN 9.99.
  • Tracksuits and sets- Velor baby tracksuit with the logo of our country for a small fan (size 68-86) is an expense in E.Leclerc in the amount of PLN 49.90. For comfortable pants and t-shirt with print for boys in Pepco we will pay PLN 19.99
  • Underwear- Baby bodysuits for small patriots are available at E.Leclerc for PLN 12.90. The same amount will be paid for the half-rompers in which you can support the Polish football team. We spend PLN 14.99 on Pepco for girls' pajamas with prints for girls aged 2-6. In contrast, colorful rompers with a print cost PLN 9.99. We will get leggings for 4.99 PLN. You will pay 5.99 PLN for a cheerful baby body in Real.


  • Supportive activity- You will get a set of 8 colorful plastic skittles with two balls in Carrefour for PLN 9.99. A fold-out pool, which instead of filling up with balls will be bought at Tesco for 54.99 PLN (and thanks to the promotion you will save 15 PLN). In the same supermarket, you will pay PLN 100 less - only PLN 299 for a garden house (height 115cm, width 150cm). You will pay a large sand set with Disney fairy tales at Tesco instead of 29.99 PLN 24.99 PLN. On the other hand, jumping balls with comfortable grips cost PLN 14.99.
  • Books and coloring pages- A folder containing coloring pages (three different patterns) and pencils cost PLN 9.99 at Carrefour. You will pay the same price for 365 puzzles and spring coloring books enclosed in a large book. In Real, Egemont books have been discounted from PLN 6.99 to PLN 4.99
  • For boys- By buying two metal cars (9.99 / item) in Carrefour replicas of popular cars available in 1:43 scale, you will get the third one for 1gr.


  • Bicycles and scooters- Colorful three-wheeled scooters with a basket are available at Carrefour for PLN 34.99 / item You will pay PLN 39.99 for models in more subdued colors made of aluminum.


  1. Active Baby Pampers - 43.99 PLN, Tesco / 39.99 PLN, Aster
  2. Nestle Sinlac porridge - 16.99 PLN, Real
  3. 2x190g Gerber dishes - 6.44 PLN, Intermarche
  4. Girls' leggings - 4.99 PLN, Pepco

Time of promotion given in the article:

Aster Drugstores 01-15.03
Drugstores Natura 08.03- 21.03
Carrefour 07.03-12.03
Tesco 08.03-14.03
Polo Market 07.03-13.02
Intermarche 08.03-14.03
E.Leclerc 06.03-18.03
Pepco 09.03- 23.03
Real 08.03-15.03


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