Sex education for preschoolers - yes or no?

Sex education for preschoolers - yes or no?

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Infants, according to studies, are already experiencing orgasm. Children about a year and a half-two years old discover intimate places and sometimes touch them to relieve stress or make themselves happy.

Lew Starowicz, a well-known Polish sexologist, emphasizes that children are not born asexual. WHO adds that the development of sexuality takes place throughout life. This is why knowledge, according to conference organizers, must be ahead of experience. For the same reason, the idea was born to start sex education earlier than now (now family education is an optional lesson from the fifth grade of primary school).

What is going on?

A conference was held at the Polish Academy of Sciences on April 22. The meeting was organized on the initiative of the Polish Academy of Sciences, two ministries: health and education, the United Nations Development Agency and the Polish office of the World Health Organization (WHO). Proposals for change were presented at the conference. Its organizers came to the conclusion that they should be popularized.

According to 'Rzeczpospolita', such postulates were made: now a six-year-old should understand what "acceptable sex" means, and a 12-year-old should know how to "communicate in order to have enjoyable sex."

Between 9 and 12 years old the child should be taught how to "effectively use condoms and contraceptives in the future." It is also important for WHO to "take responsibility for safe and enjoyable sexual experiences".

Between 12 and 15 years old the child should be able to stock up on contraceptives. And adolescents over 15 years of age should be inculcated in a "critical approach to cultural / religious norms in relation to pregnancy, parenthood, etc.".

Red light or encouragement?

Sejm Deputy Speaker Wanda Nowicka says that "before it breaks the road, you need to know what red light is." On the other hand, however, there are warnings that too early education can be an incentive to engage in sexual activity 'ahead of time'. There were also opinions that the draft changes were "an incentive for pedophiles".

There are no plans for implementing changes yet. For now, the ministries and WHO are starting a discussion to be the beginning of changes in the sex education system in schools.

And what do you think about it? What do you think about the above changes? What does preparation for family life in your children's schools look like?