The ideal time to take your baby to nursery school

The ideal time to take your baby to nursery school

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What is the ideal time to drop your baby off at school, nursery or nursery school so that you can, after maternity leave, go back to work: Is it too early at two? At what age is it advisable to take the child to daycare for the first time?

This is the great concern of many mothers, who consider whether it is convenient to leave their baby in the nursery before the age of two. For work reasons, and in others, for facilitate children a better adaptation to school, the beginning of kindergarten fills us with doubts.

In general, the most recommended age for your child to start daycare is between 18 and 24 months of age. Keep in mind that, from 18 months, the baby already has autonomy: he begins to walk, says his first words, he has learned to play with other children and contact with his mother is no longer so necessary. However, there is no consensus age among professionals. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recommends the age of three as a good age to send the child to daycare.

Experts indicate that during the first years of life the best place for your little one is his home. And it is that specialists in child development maintain that the ideal is to leave the child in the nursery from 2-3 years, but not before. The figure of the mother or father or, failing that, a constant representative figure that the baby can take as a reference during its first months of life, is necessary for the adequate emotional development of the baby.

During those first months of life, the baby needs direct contact with someone all day, and this is not usually satisfied with a nursery caregiver, who has to pay attention to other babies as well. Therefore, it is not a question of professional competence, but of psychic development and offer the baby what he needs. Therefore, when babies are less than 2 years old, if possible, it is more advisable that they remain at home with their parents.

In the event that you cannot be with your baby during his first months of life, you should be more careful when choosing nursery. It has to be a place with specialized personnel to care for children under two years of age and that provides individualized and stimulating attention so that the baby feels very loved, almost at home.

In most cases, it is the parents' needs and family circumstances that determine that the baby has to go to daycare sooner or later.. If you have to go a little earlier, the nursery will help you to interact with other children, gain autonomy and prepare for when school starts.

Their development and their language can also be favored by the nursery. In general, in kindergarten, children gain autonomy, lose their fear of separation from their mother, and interact with other children. For this reason, other specialists in the field consider that the most recommended age for the child to start nursery school is between 18 and 24 months, since from the year and a half, the child already has a certain autonomy.

Another issue that parents are very concerned about is illnesses, since when the little ones start kindergarten they usually start with snot within a few weeks and do not release them until June. In this way, It should be noted that the baby's immune system is more immature during its first months of life and evolves with growth, but on the other hand, it is quickly activated by the stimuli of infectious agents such as bacteria and viruses.

In successive contact with pathogens, the child's defenses are strengthened and the body will activate its immune "memory" when it comes into contact with the same virus or bacteria again. Therefore, the child may become ill more often in kindergarten or school, however, in compensation, he will have already built up defenses to fight viruses and bacteria in successive stages. However, it is important to monitor that each time the baby becomes ill, it is a different disorder and disease, because relapses can lead to poor cure of the disease or weak or insufficient defenses.

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