10 tips on position when breastfeeding your baby

10 tips on position when breastfeeding your baby

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Breast milk is indisputably the best food for the newborn and the only one that the baby should take in the first 6 months of life, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is very important that the baby is properly attached to his mother's breast so that his feeding is fluid and without discomfort, and that the mother is in a comfortable position to avoid back problems and others.

Thinking about it and to celebrate theWorld Breastfeeding Week which focuses on the week of August 1 to 7, the Hospital Nisa Pardo Aravaca, offers 10 tips on how to adopt the best posture when breastfeeding your baby and how to position the baby at the breast. And remember that there are two conditions for successful breastfeeding: breastfeeding the baby on demand and doing it in the correct position. If you respect both, you will not have problems. Follow the tips:

1- Check that you insert the nipple and part of the areola into the baby's mouth. He turns his body towards you. Your bodies have to face belly to belly.

2. The head rests on the forearm, not at elbow level. This confirms that it does not force the position of the neck. The nipple is at the level of the nose.

3. Mouth must be wide open. To suckle well, the mouth has to cover a large part of the areola, the nipple must be towards the roof of the mouth and the tongue must press the lower part of the areola. Her cheeks are not sunken and her lower lip is turned out.

4. Don't press on the chest. Impressing the areola between the index and middle fingers will not help your child suckle better. If you find it comfortable to hold your breast, it is best to hold the breast underneath with the palm of your hand, leaving the thumb on top.

5. The only hygiene that the mother's breast needs is the one carried out with the daily shower.

6. When breastfeeding your baby it is important the way to sit and how you hold the newborn.

7. You should not strain your back. You need to be comfortable.

8. The important thing is that it is baby's mouth the one that is close to the chest, not the other way around.

9. Support your arms well. For that, choose a chair that has armrests or stand next to a table, for example.

10. Raise your legs slightly when breastfeeding, about 10 cm high will make a difference. You will see.

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