How to Prepare for Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

How to Prepare for Breastfeeding During Pregnancy

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In the same way that during pregnancy we consult all our doubts about the development of the baby, what can be eaten and what not, and what care we should take, it is important also learn about everything related to breastfeeding.

It is not strange the case of new mothers who face breastfeeding having little or no information about it. That's when problems, pains, cracks, mastitis and even abandonment of breastfeeding arise. To avoid it, from We tell you how you should prepare during your pregnancy to have a good adaptation to breastfeeding and also enjoy it.

1- Information: the main thing is to collect as much information as possible, to know how to position the baby, what is breastfeeding on demand, how to avoid cracks or what type of bras are the most appropriate.

2- Support for: You can go to breastfeeding support groups or your midwife who will help you prepare for when the time comes. There are multiple associations that teach classes on breastfeeding and also provide support throughout the process.

3- Basics for breastfeeding: it will be good for you to have certain materials so that when the time comes you do not have to run to look for them. Just as you prepared the baby's basket, now you will have to get:

- nursing bra
- absorbent nursing pads to avoid staining clothes
- a breast pump in case you want to save for some take in which you are not
- jars to sterilize milk
- It will be good for you to have comfortable clothes that make breastfeeding easier

4- Creams: There are many women who buy creams or ointments to avoid cracks, but sometimes they can soften the area and produce the opposite effect, so they are not necessary.

5- Harden the nipples- Do not try to massage, pinch preparing the nipples before the baby is born, it can cause contractions by releasing oxytocin. If you have an inverted nipple, consult your midwife.

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