What sadness teaches children

What sadness teaches children

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Feelings are great teachers of ourselves because they teach us how we are, what we really want and what we need to feel better in case we are bad or sad.

Sadness is a very strong feeling that tells us that something is wrong inside us and that we must find a way to be better. Sadness is a very important feeling because in addition it also teaches us values you have to know how to interpret.

Children often have a hard time not only understanding their own feelings, but also understanding other people's feelings (it is very difficult to understand others if you don't understand yourself first). These skills are very important for physical and emotional well-being, but also for building personal relationships and to be able to create an affective bond with the family.

We all have the right to feel sad from time to time, but we also have the right for sadness to be a good teacher of ourselves, and for this, children must learn what this feeling teaches them.

All parents want our children to be happy, but sadness is a natural emotion that cannot be hidden forever. When we feel sad we may think that life is too unfair to us, but the reality is that it is only a perspective.

Many people think that happiness is a goal to be achieved, but happiness is a path that is not without sad moments... if there is no sadness there is no happiness. But what does this feeling of sadness teach children?

1. If there is sadness there is also happiness.

2. Disappointment and suffering are temporary and can help us learn and grow.

3. They will learn to understand the feelings of oneself and of others.

4. They will learn to tolerate disappointment, frustration, failure, or injustice.

5. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win.

6. Others get sad too.

7. Sadness helps us find solutions that help us to be better.

Sadness is a feeling that should not be repressed, if it is repressed, children would have negative consequences, such as: bad behavior, bad assertiveness, poor understanding of feelings, low tolerance for frustration, etc.

Everyone, without exception, feels sad at some point and for some reason that sometimes we cannot identify. Sadness is an emotion that in the same way that it arrives, it goes away. This also happens with children. They feel sad because a classmate did not want to play with them, when they did not win the gift they wanted, when they did not get a good grade in school, etc.

Children's stories are a good resource to make children understand about sadness, about this emotion that can lead children to a discouragement or demotivation. our site has selected some stories:

The magic of fir. Story about sadness. This Christmas story for children is titled The Magic of the Fir Tree and it helps us talk with our children about sadness and the great power of love. Christmas short stories allow us to talk about emotions with children. We accompany the story with reading comprehension activities.

The Earth is sad. Story about climate change. Short stories are a very useful tool for discussing climate change with children. This children's story is called The Earth is sad and talks about pollution. In addition, we add reading comprehension questions and we propose more stories about ecology.

Baron and the boy who was sad. Children's short story. This short story about emotions is called Baron and the boy who was sad. Talk about the joy and sadness of a child and their dog, as well as their relationship. In addition, we give you some games and activities to continue working on the emotional intelligence of the little ones.

So so the orangutan looks sad. Kid stories. Do not stop reading with your children the series of short stories for children. The protagonist of this story is Tan Tan, known as the orangutan with the sad look. What this animal wants most is to know freedom outside the zoo. You will also find reading comprehension questions.

The sad mother. Poem for mothers. The sad mother, a beautiful poem can brighten the mother's day written by Chilean writer Gabriela Mistral and dedicated to all mothers. Poems for Mother's Day.

The moon dies of grief. Sad poem for children. Short poems for children teach values ​​such as solidarity. We go to children's poetry to educate our children in values ​​and talk to them about help and empathy. In addition, we collect some reading comprehension questions and other poems starring the moon.

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