The kicks of my baby in my belly

The kicks of my baby in my belly

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The interest it arouses is curious the baby's movements inside the womb both in the pregnant woman herself and in the people around her. Hasn't it happened to you that very different people, whether they are friends, co-workers, children or family members, ask you to tell them when the baby moves inside the womb so they can feel it? And they all drop their jaw when they finally notice those little baby movements.

And it is that the development of the baby within the womb continues to seem like an event. Is incredible how it grows, how it evolves, how its organs, its little hands or its little feet are being created little by little. It is very interesting to be up to date with his growth and to know that one good day he can already hear you, that in the second trimester he can already perceive the light through the belly if it hits it directly or that he is sensitive to the foods that the pregnant woman already eats the movements it makes.

All those moms who have been pregnant know how exciting it is to feel the baby's kicks for the first time- initially as a slight tingling or tingling and how each time they become more consistent to know almost for sure at the end if he is digging you in the knee, kicking or even hiccuping.

I suppose it is common to pregnant women, but in my case, I usually notice those kicks more when I am calm, at rest. It is in those moments, when the baby seems to be most active, even if I look at my tummy, you can see how it is bulging and moving in time with the baby. Sometimes their kicks are light and cause a certain tickleAlthough, sometimes you have to suppress an 'aich' because that little foot seems to be playing soccer inside your gut.

But, all that maelstrom of the baby in the womb is usually something that pregnant women live for us and it is that, if we counted every sensation we have, every movement, every jump or every kick, we would be excessively heavy.

In my experience, during the second trimester, especially at the end of it, is when all their movements are most noticeable. The baby has enough space to rotate on himself, play, exercise... However, towards the end, the movements are strong and determined but he no longer has room to turn or move in the same way.

In any case, after all, no matter how much someone else puts their hand on your belly and notices the baby's kicks, it is a very personal and particular experience and no matter how much you try to tell what you feel and how you feel it, There is only one way to live it: to be pregnant.

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