Swaddling. Benefits of swaddling the baby

Swaddling. Benefits of swaddling the baby

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What is swaddling? The Spanish translation of this word is wrap and it has become very popular in recent years as the practice of wrap the baby in a sheet or blanket due to the benefits it provides to the newborn.

It is not a new technique, mothers and nurses used it in the 18th and 19th centuries because the babies were calmer and slept better.

Swaddle the baby gives you warmth and security, especially during the first days of life, in which he still has to get used to living at a temperature different from that of the mother's womb. In addition, the excessive space available can scare or keep you restless, so the defenders of this practice explain that it even helps the baby sleep better and is more relaxed since it is more collected.

Before swaddling the baby it is convenient choose the right time to do it, preferably when you've eaten and are changed. It is also important not to tighten the sheet or blanket too much, especially on the legs, so as not to harm the baby and to leave a little space so that the legs are not fully stretched to avoid suffering from hip dysplasia.

Many moms have found that swaddling relaxes and helps them sleepAlthough it is also true that, having a longer and more restful sleep, they may not wake up to take their shots, so caution is recommended so that they do not lose weight, especially in the first days of life and eat an adequate diet. It is also not recommended to continue with the practice when the baby can turn and move autonomously.

1. Lay a thin, square-sized blanket or sheet that is not too large on a flat surface. Fold the corner on the right and place the baby with the men on the fold.

2. Take the left end of the cloth and pass it over the baby's body tucking the end under his left arm.

3. Grab the bottom end of the sheet and pull it up to also tuck it behind your left arm, taking care so that the arm is inside the fabric.

4. Take the remaining piece of cloth and fold it toward the baby's heart and tuck the excess behind his right arm.

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