Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

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Such weather that going to the market is not so obvious and does not cause as much enthusiasm as a few weeks ago. Therefore, instead of circling between the shelves, print our cheat sheet, buy what you need, and then ... to the park, for ice cream, or just for a bench.


  • Wet wipes - In Real Tip wipes (72 pcs) cost only PLN 2.79 per package. If you shop at Super-Pharm for a minimum of PLN 30, you will be able to buy two packets of tissues (2x64 pcs) Huggies Pure for PLN 10. At Rossmann, you pay only PLN 6.69 instead of PLN 8.49 for a double pack of Babydream wipes (2x80 items). Whereas 4 packages cost only PLN 12.99. The Rossmann care wipes Nivea Baby 2x63pcs you will get for PLN 11.99 (current price PLN 13.99).
  • Huggies diapers- You will pay eleven zlotys cheaper at Super-Pharm for Huggies Premium Mega diapers in any size. At Tesco, until March 31, you can buy Huggies Newborn and Super Dry nappies at PLN 5 cheaper than the current price, if you show a coupon at the checkout, which you can find here: // At Carrefour, a pack of Huggies Mega diapers in any size is available for PLN 41.99.
  • Pampers diapers- You will get Pampers Economy diaper packaging at Super-Pharm for PLN 46.99 / pack (old price PLN 53.99). At Tesco for a pack of Pampers Active Baby midi 70pcs you spend PLN 43.99 instead of PLN 54.99.
  • Hygienic accessories- Two zlotys cheaper, i.e. exactly 6.49 PLN you will pay at Super-Pharm for cosmetic pads (60 pcs) Cleanic Kindii. In the same drugstore Cleanic Dzidziuś cotton buds (also 60 pcs) were reduced from PLN 3.69 to PLN 2.69. Nursing babies with mothers who like breast pads with Bella Mamma adhesive 30pcs. glad that they will pay only PLN 9.99 instead of PLN 13.99, also at Super-Pharm. Another promotion that the drugstore has prepared is for the Canpol Babies Easy Start manual breast pump, which is available for holders of the LifeStyle card by as much as PLN 35, i.e. PLN 124.99.
  • Cosmetics- In Real Bobbini bath cosmetics 2 in 1 cost PLN 5.49 / item. At Super-Pharm, the entire range of baby care products from Nivei and Johnson's Baby has been reduced by 20%. Future moms who have a LifeStyle card in the drugstore mentioned above will be able to buy Mustela body care products for 9 months with a 25% discount. By using the same loyalty program, Hipp children's cosmetics will get up to 30% cheaper. In contrast, Joanna Bajka bath lotions and shampoos 300ml now cost PLN 3.99 (formerly PLN 5.99). We pay 10.99 PLN and 12.49 PLN for Elmex 50ml and 75ml toothpaste, also at Super-Pharm. In Rossmann, Babydream 100g powder was discounted from PLN 5.99 to PLN 3.99, and Babydream 250ml olive oil from PLN 6.49 to PLN 4.49. Sudocrem in a 125g jar now costs PLN 2 less, i.e. PLN 22.99. Oilatum Soft emulsion bath 150ml for PLN 19.99 (so far PLN 24.99), the price of Johnson's Toptotoe 500ml bath lotion has been reduced from PLN 18.99 to PLN 13.99. You can buy mom and me baby AA soap for PLN 4.49 (formerly PLN 5.99).


  • Milk- If you have a LifeStyle card, at Super-Pharm you will pay PLN 39.99 for Bebilon 2,3,4 modified milk in a can of 800g and you will receive three times more points as part of the loyalty program. In the same drugstore you can buy Enfamil milk at promotional prices. For Enfamil Premium Lipil 2 in a 400g can you pay up to PLN 10 less, i.e. PLN 24.99. Enfamil Premium 3 is an expense of PLN 24.99, and not PLN 28.99 so far. Enfamil Premium 3 in a 850g package now costs PLN 49.99, i.e. PLN 6 less. At Rossmann, Enfamil Premium 2 and 3 milk in 400g cans is available for PLN 22.99. On the other hand, when you buy Hipp BioCombiotyk 800g milk you will pay PLN 39.99 and in addition you will get a free bottle.
  • Yoghurts, cheese- At Tesco, for 6 packages of 55g Monte desserts you will pay PLN 4.39 (in Real PLN 4.49). Danio homogenised cheese 140-150g is PLN 1.29. You will spend 20% less, i.e. PLN 4.79, for 4 packages of 100g Monte Max in the Polo Market. Nestle teddy bear yogurts 4x100g in Rossmann have been discounted from PLN 10.49 to PLN 8.99.
  • Juices and nectars- One of the five recommended servings of fruit and vegetables will be delivered to your kids by buying Bobo Frut puree lenses. At Super-Pharm, you will pay PLN 2.59 for the 300ml bottle, instead of PLN 2.79 as before.
  • Dishes and dinners- Gerber jars with 190g of meal cost PLN 4.49 at Super-Pharm. Slightly more expensive, because PLN 4.69 in Real, and PLN 4.89 you will pay for it at Carrefour. 130g Gerber Real dishes are available for 2.59 PLN. Buying two 190g BoboVita dinners for PLN 4.69 / item the third in Rossmann we will get for free.
  • desserts- At Tesco, buying 4 packages of 190g BoboVita desserts you will pay only for 3, spending PLN 13.47. At Rossman, when you buy two jars of BoboVita 125g desserts, you'll get the third one for free. The same promotion includes 190g Hipp desserts (PLN 5.29x2).
  • Porridges - Three Nestle milk-rice porridges are available at an attractive price at Tesco - PLN 13.98. In Rossmann, Sinlac porridges have been discounted from PLN 21.99 to PLN 19.99. On the other hand, when you buy two BoboVita dairy porridges you will pay cheaper, because the second package will cost you less by 50%
  • Snacks- If your little ones like Hipp rice wafers, you can buy them at Super-Pharm now for PLN 3.49 (old price PLN 5.19).
  • Sweets- Four chocolate eggs with a surprise (4x20g) packed in Easter packaging you will get in Carrefour for PLN 8.99. There, too, for milk chocolate bunnies (60g) you spend only PLN 1.29 (in Real PLN 1.39). At Tesco, for two bunnies (2x30g) made of chocolate from Wolność, we'll spend 99gr.


  • Supportive activity - For eggs - helicopters in Cerrfour you will pay PLN 0.99 A wheelbarrow with a set of tools for a small gardener costs PLN 19.99. You will pay PLN 5.00 for sand accessories in the same supermarket. However, at Tesco, for an identical wheelbarrow in the form of a turtle, you would have to spend as much as PLN 29.99. For license balls with Nemo motifs, 101 Dalmatians or Winnie the Pooh instead of PLN 9.99 you will pay only PLN 6.99. You will get three helicopters at Tesco for only PLN 1.69. A badminton set costs PLN 19.99. The 75cm high slide was discounted from PLN 169.99 to PLN 119.99. Plastic sandbox in the form of shells after PLN 20 discount now costs PLN 39.99, and you save PLN 10 on a swing with protection - PLN 29.99.
  • Creative- Wooden puzzle in a frame is an expense in Tesco of PLN 7.69 / item. However, if you decide to buy 2 pieces, the above price will not increase by a penny and you will take advantage of the offer 2 for 1. Fisher Price toys are available at attractive prices. You will pay PLN 99 for the Puppy Puppy Piano, PLN 109 for the cheerful house, and the Puppy itself will cost PLN 139.
  • vehicles- You can buy scooters made of light aluminum or skateboards at Carrefour for PLN 39.99 / item. At Tesco, you will pay PLN 50 less or PLN 249.99 for a ride in the form of a ruada with pedals. However, you will save the most on the red tractor, as much as PLN 100 and in total you spend PLN 299.99.
  • Books- The set consisting of puzzles and fairy tales is available at Carrefour at PLN 16.99. We will pay PLN 11.99 for the books themselves. Books with stories about a not very smart bear who loved honey above all you will get for PLN 12.99 / item. At Pepco, we will pay PLN 6.99 for the hard book. Books on the motifs of Disney studio films with a CD are available for PLN 9.99. However, for stories with moving and spatial pictures we will pay PLN 12.99.
  • For girls- The pink, plush Filly unicorn is available at Carrefour for only PLN 5.99. You pay PLN 78.99 for a Barbie doll underwater surfer. At Tesco, Fairy Tale bricks have been discounted from PLN 24.99 to PLN 19.99. However, for large Filly horses you will pay Az 30 PLN cheaper, i.e. 29.99 PLN / each. You will save a similar amount on Simba dolls, which depict princesses known from children's tales, and pay PLN 49.99 at the checkout.
  • For boys- Great sets of Lego blocks from which you can build a super vehicle are available at Carrefour for PLN 59.99. And if your son persuades you to buy cars from the Hot Wheels series, remember that it is better to buy 3 pcs. Then you will get one for free and spend only PLN 13.98 in total. In Real, one car costs PLN 5.99. At Tesco, a great police helicopter from Lego blocks with your vehicle will get up to PLN 80 cheaper - PLN 79.99. For the same price you will get an ecological garbage truck.


  • T-shirts, blouses- T-shirts with the logo of characters from Disney cartoons in sizes 98-164cm in Carrefour are available for PLN 16.99 / item.
  • Sets, tracksuits- A three-part set (size 68-104), consisting of a zipped sweatshirt, blouse and pants will be purchased at Carrefour for PLN 39.99. You will pay PLN 14.99 for the tunic and leggings at Pepco. In contrast, cotton pajamas with the logo of favorite children's heroes cost PLN 24.99.
  • Underwear- Girls' tights in size 118-140 will get at Carrefour for PLN 3.99 / item. You must spend PLN 9.99 on baby rompers or rompers in Real, only PLN 7.99 in Pepco. You can buy sweet sets consisting of panties and T-shirts with the Hello Kitty logo at Pepco for PLN 19.99. Colorful baby body with short sleeves costs 4.99 PLN / pcs.


  • Dishes and cutlery- For Lovi bottles from the series "Active suction" 250ml we will pay at the cashier in Super-Pharm we will pay PLN 7 cheaper - PLN 19.99, while for a silicone bottle with a spoon of the same company with a capacity of 230ml by as much as PLN 9, or PLN 22.99, and a mug 250ml non-spill was discounted from PLN 25.99 to PLN 18.99. Cutlery for children from Canpol Babies now cost 6.49 PLN (former price 8.49 PLN). You will get colorful cups with a straw with the Hello Kittyy, Cars and Minnie logo in Pepco for PLN 9.99.

From the pharmacy shelf

  • vitamins- In the pharmacy part of Super-Pharm, the promotion included dietary foods. Instead of packing BobikD with vitamin D3 (30 tablets) you will pay only PLN 12.99 instead of PLN 20.99. Bobik K with Wit. K is an expense of PLN 21.99, not as it was PLN 39.99 up to now. You will pay PLN 23.99 (discount from PLN 41.99) in both vitamins available in one package in BobikDK. In the same pharmacy multivitamin powders in sachets, which dissolve in water, intended for children in two age ranges - 2-4 years and 4-12 you will pay PLN 15.99 (currently PLN 21.99) for a package containing 30 items. If your children do not like taking vitamins in the form of syrup or soluble powder, Gumisie jellies, which are available in Kinder Biovital, may be a great alternative. 30 pcs per packaging in Super-Pharm you will pay only PLN 29.99 instead of PLN 29.99. Older children will be happy to use the effervescent vitamin tablets - Kinder Biovital YOUnior. For 30 pcs you will pay PLN 18.99.
  • Strengthening immunity- Powder in sachets, which helps maintain normal bacterial flora of the child from the third month of life Probation was discounted at Super-Pharm from PLN 17.99 to PLN 11.99 (in the package there are 10 pcs). In contrast, the syrup that increases appetite and supports digestion Hartuś 150ml, the syrup supporting immunity of the child Hartuś and Hartuś for strong bones and teeth, which contains vitamins D3 and K are also available for PLN 11.99.


Hipp body care cosmetics for children at Super-Pharm, 30% discount for the whole series
Baby body, Pepco, price PLN 4.99 / item
Enfamil Premium Lipil 2, 400g, PLN 24.99, Super-Pharm
Ride-on tractor, PLN 299, Tesco
Lego blocks, Real, PLN 79.99

Duration of the promotion

Super-Pharm from 15/03 to 28/03
Carrefour 21.03- 26.03
Tesco 22.03-28.03 and 15.03-07.04
Real 22.03- 28.03
Pepco 23.03- 29.03
Polo Market 21.03- 27.03
Rossmann 21.03- 29.03