Baby development month by month

Baby development month by month

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The first years of a baby are fundamental for his physical, emotional and psychological development. During these first twelve months, the changes that your baby will experience are spectacular, since he will double his weight and height and will grow faster than in his entire life.

Although it is still very small, in these first months of life its personality, begins to develop intelligence and the first bases of their behavior appear. By way of small details you can glimpse what your little one will be like when he is older.

The babiesthey grow in stages. Each one of them takes time and has its process. These stages are sometimes faster and sometimes slower, but they are all just as important and beautiful. For this reason, parents should know how to enjoy each one in its own time.

Keep in mind that each child sets the standard for their evolutionary development and, therefore, the learning process of each child will be different. Avoid making comparisons on one side and the other, forcing or pressuring the baby or child to achieve their goals. Rather, try to be patient and understanding with them.

Each baby is unique and has its own rhythm. Avoid comparisons

For that reason, offers a series of articles and reports on the evolution of the baby: its physical growth and its cognitive evolution step by step. With us you will discover what your baby can do at all times according to his age, his abilities and what are the achievements he can achieve each month and year that he turns.

It is necessary to make it clear that the data published here is in no way more important than the word of the pediatrician. Every baby o child is a different world, and their abilities and capacities will depend on the education and stimuli they receive. And we remember: the information we offer is merely a guide for parents.

Baby development month by month
First yearSecond year
Month 1Month 7Month 13Month 19
Month 2Month 8Month 14Month 20
Month 3Month 9Month 15Month 21
Month 4Month 10Month 16Month 22
Month 5Month 11Month 17Month 23
Month 6Month 12Month 18Month 24

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