The most recommended music for children

The most recommended music for children

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Music has the amazing ability to influence children at all levels; physical, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual. Music can incite them to do things, it can stimulate them and it can move their emotions ... not for nothing is it considered the language of the soul. Music is art that moves the spirit, but unfortunately, not all music on the market is suitable for children.

Like the rest of audiovisual media, there is everything and although the variety is the taste, it is necessary to be aware that there are songs or lyrics of children's songs that worry, that call for disorder, that move to violence or that send little messages suitable for children.

Sometimes, in the car, I have put on a radio station that has once scandalized me and my children because the lyrics were cursed or themed was inappropriate. So before talking about the benefits of music, we must talk about what kind of music is the most recommended for children.

Children will show preferences for one or the other, depending on whether the range offered by us is wide and varied, we must not only settle for putting the songs more radiated or with more sales pull, it is important to offer them the vision of music as an artistic expression capable of transmitting emotions and moving our spirit. Thus, a simple violin melody can convey a sense of danger, or make your hair stand on end because of emotion, or provide you with well-being and tranquility.

Classical music establishes a special bond with medicine, concentration, order and mathematics, as well as being part of the cultural background of any person. It is rare that no child hears it casually, if not for the influence or fondness of their parents. Likewise, for the little ones, songs that stimulate the learning of letters, colors, ... and body expression and dance are highly recommended. It's great for the children to sing together, music is also a great 'social glue', it is a collective cultural manifestation.

Today there seems to be a great gulf between cultured or traditional music and commercial music, but neither is boring or elitist, nor is the other ephemeral or lacking in effort and beauty. We can offer them both to our children, especially if they help them express and perceive beauty, harmony, order, or awaken in them joy and pleasure.

Classical music: operas, zarzuelas, choirs, symphonies ..., movie soundtracks, traditional songs, children's songs, current music, as long as they are well chosen can be beneficial for children, since they are part of culture and art , and they have clear psychological, intellectual and even therapeutic properties for children. It makes them better!

Patro Gabaldon. Editor of our site

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