6 tips for teaching kids good table manners

6 tips for teaching kids good table manners

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Parents want family meals to be calm and relaxed and it puts us in a bad mood when the child shows bad manners, annoys the sibling or plays with the food.

Is it possible to teach children to eat from the earliest stages? On our site we give you some advice on what parents can do so that children learn good manners and behave correctly at the table.

How can children learn rules of behavior at the table? It is easier than it seems, especially if we do it from the early stages of childhood, even since they are babies, here are some tips to achieve it:

1 - Start from when they are babies: They have to learn to differentiate the time of playing or walking from that of eating. In this way, it is easier and they assume the rules as something normal.

2 - For older children: If it has not been started before and the children show bad manners, we should talk to them before the meal and explain what we expect of them. We have to give them a series of easy and simple rules, not too many, so that they know what it means to behave well at the table: do not disturb your brother, do not talk with your mouth full, do not play with the food and take the cutlery well.

3 - The television must be off: neither should we eat with our mobile phone, we shouldn't carry toys on the table, or read at lunchtime. There should be no distractions, and no activity other than eating should be done.

4- Set a time to eat: For the whole family, even those who eat slower, we stipulate a time that we consider normal, for example, 30 or 40 minutes, beyond that time, mealtime is over and we have to pick up the food.

5- If the child misbehaves: When a child is not doing well, he receives all the attention, either because he is annoying his brother or because he eats badly, while the other, who may be doing well, does not have any attention. We must make it clear that we will only pay attention to the one who behaves well and is following the rules at the table.

6- We must reinforce good behavior: If you have a good grasp of silverware, if you have finished eating, or if you did not do foolish things in the meal, we have to tell you how well you are doing. You do not have to buy them gifts because they eat well, it is part of their obligations, but we should praise them when they get it. Yes, we can tell them that if they do it well after a week or 15 days, we can go eat out at a place that they like because it is already prepared.

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