Why are there children who have to repeat things many times?

Why are there children who have to repeat things many times?

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For most children when they are at an early age you have to repeat things several times a day. From 'get dressed we're late for school' to 'don't get on that table, it's very tall.' This can make us adults get tired and lose our temper.

But why does this happen? Why can children become so disobedient?

1. When the problem is communication. There are times when adults do not know how to communicate effectively with children. There are times when parents scold for anything, yell at it, or demand things from their children that not even they would do. When information reaches them in this way, it is much more difficult for children to see the immediate effects of their actions.

What can we do? Above all, be patient and stay on your nerves so as not to scream. We must observe them and discover the reason for their behavior. Once we know it is when we can start a dialogue with them, such as: 'I know you do this for this reason, but if you do it again like that, something bad may happen'. Once the dialogue has begun, it would be convenient to ask their opinion on the matter and thus we will work on empathy and emotional states.

2. When bad habits are the problem. One of the most common mistakes is that parents always correct the mistakes that the child makes instead of letting him realize them and be the one to remedy them. The key is that we let him see the consequences of his actions instead of repeating things 100 times. Let him act and not be the ones to do his homework or punish him. Will be an error. In conclusion, it is not so much about repeating but about acting and thus preventing the adult's voice from becoming that background noise that in the end is not heard.

What can we do? Adults must be constant and be patient with the child. For this, parents must understand that their task will be to accompany the child, losing the 'comfort' they had when they were not.

We have to act from the time they are small, avoiding giving the feeling that anything goes. We must set rules from the beginning, one of them being to obey. Some advices:

1. Be an example, a model when it comes to doing homework. For example: putting toys together until he can do it alone.

2. Congratulate, hug, kiss, recognize him when he does things well.

3. Things have to be told with contact, that is, looking into his eyes. If it is done from a distance it does not work.

4. Neither scream nor threaten since we can achieve the opposite effect.

5. Patience is important. We must know that he will not obey the first time.

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