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Promotions for children's items

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We do not stop at searching for the cheapest items in a given category on the market. Read at what supermarket this week you can buy, among others, the cheapest diapers, and what moisturizing wipes and porridges. Successful shopping!


  • Huggies diapers - Tesco hypermarkets have prepared a real treat for parents. There diapers Huggies super dry mega pack 128 pcs. you will buy for PLN 59.99 (instead of PLN 79.99), because you will get half the package for free. Different types of Huggies Premium diapers in Auchan have been discounted from PLN 45.99 to PLN 35.89. At Super-Pharm, you'll pay only PLN 56.99 instead of PLN 69.99 for the Huggies Premium Giga packaging.
  • Pampers diapers - Pampers Premium midi packaging 60 pcs. at Tesco was discounted from PLN 49.99 to PLN 43.95. In the same hypermarket, Sleep & Play diapers cost PLN 26.99 / pack (formerly PLN 32.99). In Super-Pharm, instead of PLN 49.99, you'll pay only PLN 44.99 for packaging of any size. At Carrefour, you pay PLN 49.99 for the packaging of Pampers Baby diapers.
  • Moisturizing wipes- Amateurs of Pampers Fresh wipes will probably be pleased that at Tesco for 6 packages of 64 pcs. they will pay not PLN 34.99 but PLN 25.99. While at Carrefour, buying two packages of Nivea Baby wipes for PLN 16.99 (3 types of 63 pcs), you will get a third package for free.
  • Cosmetics- Gentle 3in1 Johnson's Baby body and hair wash 500ml was discounted at Tesco from PLN 18.29 to PLN 12.99. At Schlecker, you pay PLN 13.99 instead of PLN 18.79 instead of Nivea Baby moisturizing milk. If you like discounts, we invite you to Super-Pharm. There you will pay 20% less for Penathen body care products, and if you are tempted by the Ziajka series products you will save 15%. By buying the Perfecta Mama stretch marks or cellulite preparation, you will receive a free hair shampoo. If you decided on 500ml Johnson's Baby hair shampoo, you will get the second, 200ml as a gift and instead of PLN 14.99 you will pay only PLN 12.99.


  • porridge- At Tesco, when buying milk-rice porridge BoboVita 230g you will save PLN 1. You will get it for PLN 6.89. In Schlecker you will pay PLN 10.49 for two packages.
  • dinners- BoboVita dinners different flavors in 190g jars in Auchan now cost not PLN 5.29 but PLN 4.98. Hipp Bio 250g ready meals are available at Super-Pharm at PLN 6.69 (previously PLN 9.49).
  • Deserki- In Super-Pharm, Gerber fruit desserts 130g have been discounted from PLN 3.49 to PLN 2.69.
  • Sweets- Gourmets of the Kinder Chocolate series will be pleased that chocolates in 13 × 12.5g + 3 × 12.5g are available in Biedronka for PLN 5.49. Whereas Kinder Chocolate Maxi 5x21g + 1x21g you will get for PLN 4.99 for free. And if your little ones like eggs with a surprise, you will pay PLN 6.49 for 3 pieces. Tesco has prepared chocolate animals for the youngest gourmands. Instead of PLN 7.49, you'll pay only PLN 5.99 for the bunny, chanterelles or duck. And if you prefer a set of Kinder chocolates with a charming mascot then you have to reckon with the cost of PLN 24.90.
  • Milk- At Tesco, 1.2kg Bebilon milk is available at PLN 52.99 per packaging. You will save PLN by buying Nestle 350g milk at Super-Pharm, paying for packaging PLN 15.49.
  • Juices and nectars- For 4 bottles of 300ml Bobo Frut juice at Tesco you will pay PLN 9.29, because you will receive one of the bottles for free. If you have a LifeStyle card, in Super-Pharm for 500ml tea with Hipp fruit juice you spend not PLN 6.99 but only PLN 4.59.
  • Yogurt / serki- At Carrefour you will pay PLN 2.89 for 4x50g Danonków packaging.


  • For girls- Pinypon dolls, which are characterized by interchangeability of elements are available at Biedronka at PLN 12.99 per item. At Tesco, you can buy blocks from the Lego friends series at promotional prices. The Dog House set costs PLN 46.99, Tree house PLN 99.99, Cafe PLN 149.99. And if you buy a Barbie doll for your daughter on 05.05-07.04, you'll get a 30% discount on it. You can buy stuffed animals referring to Easter at Real Estate for PLN 19.99 / item. Monster High dolls from the series Dreadful students were also discounted there. Instead of PLN 109.99, you'll pay only PLN 64.95 for the scary copy.
  • Supportive activity- Who among us does not like to blow soap bubbles? Now in Biedronka you can buy colorful bottles with a magical liquid, access to which is protected by a cap equipped with an arcade game. You spend PLN 1.49 per item. At Carrefour you can buy a colorful slide (75 cm) for PLN 89.99. You will pay PLN 2.49 for soap bubbles.


  • Shirts / sweatshirts- Youth blouses with long sleeves (size 158cm to 176cm) with attractive motifs for girls and boys can be found in Biedronka at PLN 19.99 / item. Cheaper, because you spend PLN 15.99 in Carrefour. You will also spend PLN 24.99 for 2 t-shirts with cheerful prints. Boys' polo costs around PLN 9.99 in Pepco.
  • Pants / dresses- At Biedronka, you can get pants from the 'Trustworthy textiles' series. The materials used to manufacture the clothes were tested for harmful substances. Children's jeans, because we are talking about them, have elastic adjustment at the waist and are available in sizes 98/104, 110/116, 122 / 128cm for PLN 29.99. You will get colorful dresses that will add charm to every young lady in Real for PLN 24.99. Sophisticated dresses that will emphasize the festive character of family celebrations will get at Pepco for PLN 49.99 / item.
  • Tracksuits- Small athletes will surely like children's tracksuits with the Hello Kitty, Spiker-Man, Tomek Locomotive motif, which you will find in Biedronka. Sweatshirts are equipped with a zipper, while pants have an elastic waistband. They cost PLN 42.99 per set. In Real you will pay PLN 17.99 for the set - pants + sweatshirt.
  • Jackets / coats- Charming raincoats with a hood that will protect against wind and rain are available at Biedronka. In addition to the fact that they are fastened with press studs, they have reflections on the sleeves, thanks to which your children will be visible even after dark. You can buy them for 9.99 PLN. In Pepco, on the other hand, you will pay PLN 14.99 for a girlish raincoat with a busy bee motif.
  • Footwear- Capricious spring weather will not pay you any more trick, if you buy wellies for your little ones. Comfortable and colorful, they will fit on feet in sizes 22-34. They will make every meeting with a puddle real fun. You can buy them in Biedronka for PLN 29.99 per pair. Each girl will be happy with colorful ballerinas, available in Real for PLN 19.99 per pair.
  • Underwear- Summer baby rompers in sizes 0-24 months from FF baby you will get at Tesco for PLN 16 each. Earlier you had to spend up to PLN 32 on them. In Carrefour you will pay PLN 7.99 for the baby body. If you want your kids to like Smurfs, give them a body with an application of blue creatures that you will get in Real for PLN 15.99 (old price PLN 19.99). There you can also buy 3 pieces of one or two-color long-sleeved body for only PLN 17.99. Infant rompers cost PLN 12.99 per item.


2x230g BoboVita milk-rice porridge, Schlecker, price PLN 10.49.
Huggies Premium diapers, Auchan, PLN 35.89
3x body with long sleeves, Real, price PLN 17.99.

Duration of the promotion

Biedronka 28.03- 7.04
Tesco 29.03 -7.04
Carrefour 27.03 - 01.04
Schlecker 26.03.08 - 08.04
Auchan 28.03- 07.04
Real 29.03- 11.04
Pepco 30.03- 12.04
Super-Pharm 29.03- 11.04