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Something for something, i.e. you complete a survey and then harass you

Something for something, i.e. you complete a survey and then harass you

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Mothers giving birth in Polish hospitals are asked about completing surveysin which they provide their data and their child's data. In return they receive blue box (after completing the blue survey in the hospital or on the Internet: Familyservice), pink boxand even a third box (all or only one depending on the number of completed documents).

Inside the famous boxes are located brochures, leaflets, newsletters and several gadgets- samples. Completing the surveys also results in collecting packages with samples for children up to the age of 12 months. The prospect of using free samples seems so interesting that many women do not receive postpartum surveys, sincerely regrets and looks on the internet for a way to receive the samples and gadgets mentioned.

Is there a catch? Unfortunately yes. As it happens in life: nothing is for free ...

Personal data provided in the survey does not go on vacuum. Contrary: circulate around various institutions ... and are used in different ways. Often, unfortunately dishonest, preying on human naivety. And what is worse, repetitive phones are rarely associated with an innocent signature on one or the other survey, and the entire process of receiving free samples is perceived as 100% positive.

When I gave birth over two years ago ...

Like many women giving birth during this period, I completed the surveys, I received two large boxes, in them samples, of which only a few I used. However, this does not matter ...

I noticed pretty quickly increased number of phones... They called me at almost any time of the day: from morning to evening, from the same company several times. The conversation always started the same way. A nice voice and a polite question, are they talking to Mrs. Dorota such and such. Then I was presented with a vision of the products I needed to buy: cosmetics, underwear, passes ...

Someday I received a phone offering to buy razors.

The lady offered me a set for free. I had to cover only Shipping costs: 20 PLN. My answer was clear. For 20 zlotys, I can buy a machine on site, watch it carefully, choose a reputable brand I know without using a free product for 20 zlotys.

Theoretically, the case seemed closed, but another phone call for purchase ... this time child insurance made me lose my patience.

I asked for information, from where a lady trying to give me a vision of the financial future of my daughter, who is less than six months old, has my number. Of course, she didn't want to reveal it. However, my determination even surprised me myself, citing a hastily invented recipe, I received specific data and heard a question, did I complete the survey at delivery ... At that moment, everything became clear. I came to the right page, I wrote a message asking to delete my data. The case is over. For me. However, as it turns out, the fraudulent use of data given during delivery is still in full swing ...

An affair with a machine in the background

The problem is much more serious than you might think. A few days ago a worried reader wrote to us ...

I have a request on behalf of mothers' friends and mine. Today, Westerfield cheats called me, offering some freebies. It turns out that they call all my friends who gave birth, they know the name, surname and address, they demand a pesel, so the matter apparently has something to do with the "blue box". Could you warn against them? (...) They call from number 224309500. Best regards and thank you in advance.

The case is with seemingly trivial. The data we provide after discharge from the hospital goes with our consent to various companies. Some use them honestly, others balance on the border of law, doing a lot of confusion.

The machine scandal is the loudest so far. The case is about proposing free machines. You only have to cover the shipping cost. Hook? These costs are quite high: PLN 20 (for non-recommended shipments, sent as "ordinary"). However, this is not the worst part.

The problem is already alone call. Everything can start with her ... The conversation is recorded, and the consent we give during receiving the "free" shipment means "joining the program " and consent to receive further shipments.

The way people are persuaded to buy machines is different: sometimes it is emphasized extremely product advantages, other times the "win" method is used. Of course, people are trained to call us in such a way as to be convincing and to put our vigilance down. The effect is always the same.

After a few weeks of receiving the "free" shipment and paying the said 20 zlotys, more packages come without notice. This time they are packed inside razor blades for which you have to pay around 50 zlotys.

Theoretically, you can opt out of each shipment. In practice, however, it is quite difficult. Hotline to which the dishonest company refers: Westerfieled is actually unavailable. It's hard to get through. Even if it succeeds, the consultants explain that the company is located in the Netherlands and the vision of resignation from orders is greatly complicated by clearly not explaining what to do ...

The problem is so big that the Consumer Federation was interested in the subject. It turns out that Westerfiled is actually stationed in Switzerland. Therefore, to opt out of unwanted shipments, you must send your resignation to your mailbox both in Warsaw and directly to Switzerland. More on the unfair practices of Westerfield International AG here.

Have you encountered this problem? We look forward to your comments.