What to do in case of the disappearance of a minor

What to do in case of the disappearance of a minor

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The disappearance of a minor is a moment of enormous tension for parents. Therefore, the first thing that experts recommend is to calm down and try to stay calm. Perhaps it is just a loss. Next, try to remember all the details, reconstruct all the steps. And the third step, if the child still does not appear, ask for help.

Here are some tips to act in the event of a minor missing.

1. If your son or daughter has disappeared from home:

- It is a priority that you look for it conscientiously in the house: all the rooms of the house, closets, wardrobes, piles of laundry, under the beds, inside the vehicles…. wherever a child may crawl in or hide and possibly be sleeping or unable to get out.

- Ask the neighbors and your son or daughter's friends.

- If after carrying out this search you still cannot find it, do not hesitate, call the Security Forces and Bodies immediately.

2. If your son or daughter disappears when he is away from home (for example, during a shopping trip, at the movies, in the park):

- Request the collaboration of the people and / or workers of the establishment who are next to you to locate your son or daughter.

- Immediately notify the security personnel if it is a place that has this service (Shopping Center, cinema ...).

- If despite this, your son or daughter does not appear, immediately call the Security Forces and Bodies.

3. If your son or daughter already comes back from school alone or from the center where they go to do extracurricular activities and are delayed, more than usual, in getting home.

- First of all, call him on his phone if you have one.

- If there is no answer, the phone is disconnected or your child does not have their own phone, then call the School Center to find out if there may be any justification for this delay.

- If the School Center tells you that your son or daughter has left at their usual time, then try to locate the people / friends / mothers or fathers of friends who usually coincide on the way back home with your son and the your child's closest friends, as well as family members with whom he has regular contact.

- If no one can give you an account of the whereabouts of your son or daughter, then immediately contact the Security Forces and Forces.

4. In case the parents are separated, It is very important to contact the other parent in case the son or daughter was with him and, in any case, to inform him of what happened and to act together in the search.

Information offered by Fundación ANAR, through the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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