What to do when the child does not want to work in class

What to do when the child does not want to work in class

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Sometimes children have poor school performance but it seems that the only place where they do not work is at school because at home they have a good attitude. In class these children show laziness, lack of motivation and irresponsibility, They seem not interested in doing things right and when the teacher tries to get him to focus, things seem to get worse.

If only at school you have attitude problems towards studies but at home you do work well, it is possible that there is something in the school that is disturbing him and that it does not allow him to behave calmly. Motivation, skill and attitude need to be combined to create a good result. Children are motivated by nature by nature, but what is necessary to do when the child does not want to work in class?

1. Find out what's going on. It is important that you approach the school and speak with your child's tutor so that they can tell you exactly what is happening in class and what is your child's behavior. This way you can get an idea of ​​what is happening in class. The teacher should work to have a positive relationship with the child.

2. Work together on an improvement. It will be necessary that there be a union between the school and the family to be able to work in the same line and achieve improvements in the child's academic performance. Find out what happens and put a solution to it. You may have a distracting tablemate and it may be better to move him around in class. The possibility of making a table of points to follow at home and at school to motivate the child's behavior towards learning can also be assessed.

3. Maintain an open relationship with your children, respectful and positive. Stay on the side of your children, don't go against them. This will allow you to be more influential in them, something really important for parents. In addition, it is essential to support them at all times, both in their joys and in their fears.

4. Put the punishments aside. Punishing, threatening or manipulating will only make things worse and be detrimental to the relationship with the children. This will only create feelings of frustration and fear, but it will not improve things.

5. Give him responsibility according to his age. Parents must help their children understand how to be responsible. It is necessary to do it in a positive way so that they feel that they are capable of achieving whatever they set out to do. All children are capable of achieving any goal, they just need to know that if they want to, they can achieve it.

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