Fables for children of Iriarte. The horse and the goat

Fables for children of Iriarte. The horse and the goat

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For all those moms or educators who are looking for children's fables with a moral, offers 'The horse and the goat', a fable by Iriarte.

Envy, pride and arrogance are attitudes that we must prevent our children from acquiring. To help them act correctly and avoid these unpleasant behaviors, we can count on this fable by Iriarte.

I was a very attentive goat

listening for a long time,

of a violin chord the soft echo.

The feet danced her happily,

and a certain jaco who, also suspense

I almost forgot to eat the feed

In this way he addressed the word:

Can't you hear the harmony from those strings?

Well you know they are the guts of a goat

who was once my companion.

I trust (big bliss!) That one day

not for less sweet trills

they will form my loud intestines.

The good nag turned and answered her:

By faith those strings don't resonate

but because they hurt them with the bristles

that in suffering they ripped me off my tail.

My pain cost me, and I had a good scare;

but, finally, I have the taste

to see what a great show

the instrument musician owes my help.

You, what satisfaction do you expect,

When will you enjoy it? After you die.

Thus, neither more nor less, because in life

he has not managed to see his work applauded

some bad writer, to the judgment appeals

of posterity, and thereby consoles himself.

Moral: There are many writers who are easily flattered to achieve posthumous fame, when they have not been able to deserve it in life.

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